Northern Filter Supplies successfully Completes 32 years in selling filters

07, January 2015: A family-run business has celebrated its 30th anniversay and is looking to the future headed by a new generation.

Tony Dubaj started Northern Filter Supplies in 1982 selling filters directly to customers across Yorkshire.

The company, based at Pear Street, Halifax, specialises in the heavy duty commercial, plant, agriculture, forklift, marine and van filter markets.

Originally, it was a case of driving around using telephone directories to find customers.

“It was a challenging time and after 30 years it is nice to see some of our customers are still around.” said Tony.

His son, Richard, joined the business five years ago.

And, while Tony is still working, his son is looking to drive the business forward for the next 30 years and boosting the customer base which ranges from the self-employed to local authorities, and truck fleets.

The telephone and fax are still busy but more people are using social media.

“Richard came into the business and is helping develop the company using more modern techniques,” said Tony.

The business has also extended its range of products on its website

November sees Northern Filter Supplies entering another successful year of business. 32 years of selling filters to loyal customers and attracting new ones all the time. Every year we are expanding the filter range and introducing lots of non filter products such as beacons, LED lighting and mirrors. Our focus for this next year is to offer the best and most competitive filter website in the UK. We shall update our website on a daily basis providing as much information for the customer making it easier for them to search and identify their needs. We hope you are satisfied with your purchases and look forward to another year selling filters. Embedded data.

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