Shortlist Candidates In The Blink Of An Eye is an automated system used for going through job applications in order to simplify the selection procedure.  Whether you are a company or a head hunter, the existing practice of leafing through pages and pages of CVs is soon to be replaced by a more efficient automated system. has come up with such a system already. Drawing on their invaluable experience, they have launched an online system that filters applications to your job postings. This system also provides an initial selection and evaluates possible candidates. This ensures that you no longer have to waste time during the selection process of candidates, and reduces costs by 70 per cent and more.

No matter what your interests are, and whichever sector of the industry you belong to, this applicant tracking system can assist you with its perspicacious analysis of what you require. The system has been devised by experts with years of experience, and is therefore entirely reliable. Here’s how it works: You post a job advert and provide them the questions you would ask the candidate and how you would evaluate the answers, and the system will run a pre-selection test for every applicant based on that information. This new elimination round that is administered at the initial stage will vastly simplify matters for you.

In this competitive world of ours, where time translates into money, you can hardly afford to waste any of it, that is, time. If there is such a low-cost and efficient system available in the market, you must necessarily take advantage of it. It would save you several hours of handpicking, and even interviewing too many candidates who are not suited to your specifications.

About is a leader in work force solutions.  They save you the herculean task of skimming through hundreds of curricula, and minimise your time and efforts in the process of selecting a candidate. They carry out a pre-selection interview on your behalf in a flash. To find out more about, please visit:

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Childrens Entertainment Manchester is what your party needs

When organizing a birthday party for your child, don’t forget to call for the services of a Childrens Entertainer Manchester. If you never had one for any of our child’s birthday parties, it’s high time you get it. It’s high time you look for Childrens Entertainment Manchester services provided by someone who knows what kids would like to see. Pick up someone who is accustomed to a wide range of tricks and who can perform them flawlessly. With such a person at the party, the fun and excitement are guaranteed.

If you are not too familiar to Childrens Entertainment Manchester services and you don’t know who to call at your party, research. How can you find a good Childrens Entertainer Manchester? You can find one either by word of mouth, either by conducting an online research. If you don’t know any parents who have gone for such services, you have no other choice than to go online and seek good services there. As good entertainers have a webpage with describing information regarding their work, you can find all the information you need on their website. Thus, when you decide to hire someone for you party, conduct an online research.

A Childrens Entertainer Manchester doesn’t need to be too expensive. If you find someone who does this job from pure enjoyment, you won’t have to concern about the money spent on Childrens Entertainment Manchester. From this point of view, you have no worries. Now, to end up satisfied with the person you employ for this job, you need to perform a good selection. You should take time to have a look over various characters, put them in balance and see which one would suit your child’s party better. To have a successful party your child would love, you need to end up with the best out of the best.

The Childrens Entertainer Manchester should be a calm person who indeed loves children. This professional should be in love with his job, with the joy of seeing children smile at the tricks performed. Then, the person you hire for the Childrens Entertainment Manchester should be far from boring. She should take her job pretty seriously and perform it in a professional way. Moreover, the entertainer you call for this job should have plenty of good references from other parents. The better the recommendations, the more you will be satisfied with his services.

You don’t have to conduct research after research to find a person who can meet all this criteria. If you didn’t find anyone who can occupy this position for just one day, go to Uncle Chris. He is one of the most experienced and successful entertainers you can have at such a party. He can make even the most pretentious children smile and enjoy his show. Since he is able to meet even the most complex expectations, there are no reasons why you shouldn’t call for his help. In this case, what are you waiting for?

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Job searching today

Job searching

In today’s competitive world find a good job opportunity is becoming essential as well as a requirement for all. Irrespective of what the main cause is, whether it be unemployment, dissatisfaction using the current job, or maybe the want to work on a greater position, job search is the only way one could achieve what they really want. This is basically the role of your job hunter to search for work which he deems to be suited to him from an accumulation of job listings.

find-jobIt is actually impossible to move from a place to another, from a office to another distributing resumes. So, it really is highly essential that there is an automated system which can display this list of job that you finds suitable in one place and also the person searching to do the job can decide the firms he desires to operate in after which upload his resume in the companies’ official website. Keeping this at heart we now have launched a job searching website which is extremely an easy task to operate and allows users to look for jobs from multiple sources around the net.

We in aggregation give job searchers multiple company sources owned by different fields and genres so therefore make it easy for users with varied qualifications to ensure that you seek out jobs and acquire their desired results.

We now have companies who are ready to hire qualified and knowledgeable employees from any background like; Architecture, Art and Culture, Astronomy, Biology and Life Sciences, Business and Management, Chemistry, Communication, Computer science, Design, Education, Electronics, Energy and Earth Sciences, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Ethics, Food and Nutrition, Health and Safety, History, Humanities, Law, Literature, Math, Medicine, Music, Philosophy and Ethics, Physics, Science, Social Sciences, Statistics and Data Analysis etc.

newjob-exitWhether you happen to be secondary school pass-out or masters, a PhD or perhaps an engineer we now have jobs for people of all levels of qualification. Not merely private sector job search, we offer our users with government and semi-government jobs too and placements are all around the world.

Does all of this seem enchanting and magical?

Well, we supply you with such proliferating opportunities that the search for the right job to make you settled in your lifetime becomes extremely easy.

Our website displays information in a really simple way. You simply have enter in the keywords of the job search, just like the field in which you are searching and which sector you would like, and that is all. We then give you numerous job listings from where one can opt for the job of your dreams. We present all authentic details about the firms present in our website.

“You dream and is particularly our duty to understand your dreams” is our motto therefore we make an effort to turn this into true to be able to achieve your primary goal and make it to the epitome of success. Embedded data.

Are You In The Wrong Job? Five Ways To Help You Find Your Dream Job In 2015


Too many people spend years in the wrong work, when their dream job could be just around the corner, says international author and job search expert Vicki Theobald.

Fear of unemployment and a changing jobs market often resulted in people hanging on tightly to jobs they didn’t want in the first place, and for which they were often unsuited, says Vicki Theobald, author of the best-selling book Get That Job Now.

Meanwhile, many people find the better opportunities pass them by because they often didn’t know how to secure them, she says.

“The problem is that if you don’t have a clear understanding of what you’re best suited to, you tend to end up in careers by default, not by design,” Vicki says.

“‘By default’ means that you kind of fell into a job that came up, or you were guided into it by well-meaning friends or family, and now time has passed and you’ve found out you’re just not happy in that job or company.

“Even in a recession there are still loads of opportunities – but you have to understand more about what you’re really looking for, and how the jobs market really works. Then you need a plan to go get the job you want.

“I would start by looking at what someone’s personal skills and talents are before worrying about the detail of any particular job.

“Job categories evolve and even disappear, but personal skill which is transferable between industries will keep you always in demand.

“For example, if you look at the jobs you have had in the past that you have done well at, what do they have in common?

“Look for things that may indicate a broader ability or skill that you can use in another related field, or another industry altogether.”

Vicki says too many people ‘settle for’ in life – they can’t decide what they want, so they may possibly never realize how best to go for what makes them happy.

But some simple steps could help people make better job choices. Here are five tips to finding the best job for you in 2015:

• Analyze your skills. What are you best at, and what do you most enjoy doing? Where is there a crossover between the two that could yield your next job opportunity?

• Be aware of trends and developments in the jobs market. Many of the jobs that will be available in five years’ time don’t exist yet. Technology and the speed of change can feel threatening to some people, but the reality is that new opportunities are arising all the time.

• Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities, even if at first it doesn’t directly seem to relate to what you currently do. Many skill sets are transferable to jobs you may not have previously considered. And yet doing so could turn out to be the best decision you make.

• Research your next potential employer. Good research on the company can yield valuable information that you can use in the application process. Your potential employer also wants you to demonstrate initiative and an understanding of what the company needs, not just what you need.

• Add value. If you add value to a company, and if you can demonstrate that value in a way which is compelling to them, you will never lack work that is fulfilling for you.  

“That’s what a dream job is, isn’t it – work that fulfils you, instead of being something you resent,” Vicki says.

“But if you want to achieve the job of your dreams, you need to follow an effective plan, and you must take action. If you do these things right, then opportunity is everywhere.”

For more information visit

Media Contact:
Vicki Theobald,

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Working With Marco Triesch In Network Marketing Helps Countless Jobless


Breckerfeld, Germany (July 11, 2014) – The very idea of network marking has created a huge buzz all over the world. People around the globe are found to get excited with this homejob concept. However, it often gets difficult for the beginners to identify the best home based income generating process, from the wide verities available on internet. Keeping this in mind,, a popular web based platform, by Marco Triesch has come up with the simplest process to help people in developing their own home based businesses.

The idea of Marco Triesch, highlighted on and, are generated after an extensive research on online money making. He comments, “People often get skeptical with all the spam, available in the name of online income generation. This is why; our tested home based process is regarded to be unique and extremely effective.” The concept of MLM, incorporated in the money making techniques of the website, are actually conceptualized with the aim of inspiring people to work smart, rather than slogging hard.

This is identified to be an easy money making technique that involves less time of an individual a helps with higher income generation. The simple network process, depicted in the platforms has helped several jobless men and women in developing their own identity, along with a profitable business. Countless independent online marketers have enjoyed success, following this process.

The website highlights proven methods, which can easily be downloaded. These methods help an individual to build his or her own business within a span of only 90 days, with complete guarantee. Users simply need to register along with their name and email address, to avail the free coaching on Successful Ways into MLM. This is a safe and secure platform to share the email address with.

Several individuals have seen incredible success with the idea of MLM, from the pages. One of the recent beneficiary comments, “Being a mother of 2, it often gets difficult for me to go outside and work. This is why; I was always looking for easy and convenient money making processes, which can be operated from the comfort of home. After wasting my time on various useless techniques, I finally identified the idea of MLM from and It took me just 90 days to set up my home based business and I am currently doing great, if finance is concerned. This is really a life changing idea. I have recommended these sites to everyone.”

About: and helps people with home based business development ideas. These sites are trusted by many people. For more details please visit   and

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Vestal: January 25, 2013. QuickTerns, LLC was announced as the winner of the Binghamton University Business Plan Competition. As a part of the BU Entrepreneurship class, two university students and one Binghamton based entrepreneur have placed first in the annual Business Plan Competition – winning a $2,500 prize. If the business is functional in Binghamton in one year, another $2,500 will be earned.

MBA students Michael Barbara and Peter Fiduccia, along with entrepreneur Chris Olsen, created the QuickTerns business concept after seeing the difficulties of hiring and being hired as interns. This interactive and social website will provide short, project based internships and match innovative companies with quality interns. Olsen said: “QuickTerns is positioned to become the go-to website for college students across the country who are seeking internships with exciting companies in engaging sectors.”

The business plan competition consisted of several teams including Trackollar; a dog collar with QR codes containing an owner database, and Kola Bar; a nutrition bar that uses kola nuts to promote health and great taste. Judges Dave Manaster of ERE Media of NY, NY and Kevin Blake, President of ICS Solutions Group in Endicott, NY were most impressed by QuickTerns. Blake said that he would immediately use QuickTerns for his own business as he always had problems finding interns for project based work.

QuickTerns is now using the prize money to build a fully functional prototype and will launch nationwide by March, 2014. Additional information can be gained by contacting Chris Olsen, Partner, Quickterns or by viewing the in-progress website at

Chris Olsen
QuickTerns, LLC
37 Court St
Binghamton, NY 13901 Embedded data.

Teens Look To Online Opportunities for Unemployment Relief

November 11, 2013: Recently released employment numbers show the unemployment rate fell to 7.2%. Teens, however, are not seeing relief. In fact they are in the midst of what one economist calls a “Great Depression for Teens. The summer of 2013 saw the lowest teen employment rate in history with just 3 out of 10 teens employed. It comes as no surprise that teens are looking outside of traditional part-time jobs for a much needed cash infusion. Finding a degree of success online is possible by sidestepping the typical “work from home” and “get rich quick” schemes.

Joe, 15, had no luck finding a job in his town. “There is nothing available at all,” Joe complains. “I didn’t get one interview.” Joe turned to the Internet to find work. “There are not a lot of jobs online either, at least ones that aren’t scams. I’m been trying for a few months.” lets uses earn money by trying new products and services offered by companies and by taking part in research surveys. Joe says, “A lot of people claimed they are making money on there. I tried taking surveys and doing their offers but I made very little. I haven’t made the minimum of $20 I need to cash out yet. A lot of the offers wanted me to buy something first.” Many online money making opportunities require some out of pocket payment to get started. While some may be legitimate it is a good rule of thumb to stay away from any offers that require you to pay money in an effort to earn money later. “I’m going to give it a little longer.” Joe said. “There are just so many scams that wanted my money. It’s hard to find anything.”

Sarah, 17, lives near Seaside Heights, a small town in New Jersey near the shore. “The boardwalk is less than a mile away from my house and I used to find a job there every summer,” Sarah explains. “This summer I couldn’t find anything. I tried going back to the places I used to work but they told me they were cutting back or that they hired family members. One mini golf place offered to make me an intern and didn’t want to pay me anything, ah, no thanks, I told them. I started looking online for ways to earn money and I found” On members post a task that they’d be willing to do for $5. For instance, one member offers to do a small freehand drawing for $5. Many members have “add-on” services to earn more such as expedited service. Sarah explained, “I offered to hand out flyers around the boardwalk. I got a lot of people wanting my service. I was making about $30 a week. After the summer was over, the work pretty much ended. I still do a few gigs a week but that’s about it. I’m looking for something else now but I’ll do Fiverr again next summer if I don’t find a job.”

Jessica, 18, was employed at a fast food restaurant when her boss told her she needed to begin working until 1:00 a.m. “I tried it for a few weeks and my schoolwork started to suffer,” Jessica explained. “I finally told my boss I couldn’t do it and I was fired. I looked for work for months and couldn’t find anything. I joined a website called When one of my Boosters makes an online purchase I get a small payment.” lets young people make money from online purchases made by adults they know (they call them “Boosters”). A teen joins and encourages adults she knows to shop through the “Boostapal Mall” before making a purchase. When they do, the teen receives a portion of the money spent. “It’s easy to do,” Jessica explains. “After I joined I invited my parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Now when they shop I get a small amount from each purchase. I average about $105 per month. I was making a lot more at the restaurant but this really helps pay some bills.”

With no end in sight to the rising teen unemployment getting creative seems to be the only option. Finding ways to earn money online is a viable option for the savvy teen as long as he can spot the unscrupulous website. Avoiding any sites promising what could be called “real job money” is a good start. It’s just not feasible to expect to earn the same amount as would be earned at a traditional job. Likewise, avoid any website that requires payment for the chance to earn money. With over 10 million teen out of work in the United States finding non-traditional ways to make money is becoming a requirement rather than an option.

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Sam Kirkpatrick is a P.H.D candidate and freelance journalist researching and studying how the current economic climate is affecting Millennials. Embedded data.

Teen Unemployment Hits Record High

October 24, 2013: A recent national study found only 32.25 percent of U.S. teens aged 16 to 19 worked a summer job in 2013, marking the fourth year in a row that teens have faced a difficult job market. The overall unemployment rate has steadily dropped, yet the rate continues to soar for young people. With only about 3 out of every 10 teens able to find employment, one economist has labeled this bleak job market a “Great Depression for teens.”

Keith Hall, former commissioner of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, suggests that another factor contributing to teen unemployment is the halting career progression of adult workers. He says that, because of the so-called Great Recession and the sluggish growth that’s followed, middle-age and older workers are not moving up the career ladder, stuck in lower paying jobs that would typically go to young people just entering the workforce.

Teens are finding themselves displaced, and are forced to seek alternatives to traditional employment.

Meet Sean, a 17- year-old Tucson teen who found a way to beat the “no money” blues after finding the relatively new website . The site directs a portion of money spent at online merchants to teens associated with each shopper. “I didn’t believe it would work at first,” says Sean. But I’m glad I gave it a try.” Sean had been trying to find an after school job for six months when he discovered Boostapal. “My friend sent me a link to Boostapal and told me to check it out. I joined and sent out email invitations to a bunch of family members. Most joined right away, but a couple didn’t trust the site at first. But as soon as my Boosters started shopping, I started earning money.”

Boostapal co-founder John Williamson says teens like Sean were the inspiration for the website. “I managed the human resources department of the small business my co-founder and I ran for nearly 15 years. I saw first-hand the growing desperation of teen job searchers.

“I began to receive countless applications from teens in response to job postings they weren’t nearly qualified for. In doing some research, I found that we weren’t unique in this respect; other businesses were experiencing the same thing. Teen unemployment was reaching epidemic levels. Those who did find jobs were receiving lower wages for more involved work. It was a problem that needed a solution. So we began to look for a way for teens to earn money without sacrificing schoolwork,” says Williamson.

How it works is relatively simple. After a young person sets up a Boostapal account, she sends invitations by email to adults she knows who shop online. The adult clicks a link within the invitation to go to the Boostapal site. When he joins (or if he is already a member, when he logs in), he becomes automatically linked to that student. The adult is now that young person’s “Booster.”

When the adult “Booster” makes a purchase from one of the 1,500+ stores found in the Boostapal mall, his student will receive a portion of the amount spent. If the adult is a Booster for more than one young person, the Boost from each purchase is divided among each of them.

The mall offers a wide variety of stores, and includes the big-name retailers, as well as smaller specialty stores. “We’re continuing to add more and more stores. Our hope is for Boostapal to become a starting point for all Internet shopping by adults who want to help out a young person,” Williamson says.

“We chose the word ‘Booster’ because it perfectly describes what the adult is doing for the young person — giving them a financial boost by making the small effort to shop online for the teen,” Williamson explains. “We’ve made it easy and, most important, free for adults to help out teens. We and our student members recognize that adults choosing to use this service are doing so because they care.”

Essentially, allows adults to transform their normal, everyday, online shopping into a money-making opportunity for a young person. Using is completely free for all involved — there is no charge for teens to join, and no fees incurred by the shopper. Boostapal does receive a commission from the merchant, however, for referring a buyer to their online store (such as It is this commission that Boostapal uses to pay its members.

“Instead of keeping the commission, we pass more than 50% on to the Booster’s student(s),” says Williamson. He assures that the money Boostapal receives does not in any way increase the purchase price of a product. “Advertising commissions, such as the ones we receive and pass on to young people, have been around since the birth of the Internet. Nearly every link for a product or service found on the Internet is ‘monetized,’ meaning someone placed the link in hopes of getting a click, thereby earning them an advertising commission from the merchant. Boostapal gives Boosters the choice to direct ad commissions associated with their purchases to people who matter to them.”

Indeed, this type of “click marketing” has been around for ages. Chances are, you’re reading this article on a web page with clickable ads. If you click one of them, someone will get paid because you clicked it. You just don’t know who. Boostapal lets you choose the beneficiary.

Getting rich isn’t in the cards here. “Boostapal was never intended to be a ‘get rich quick’ scheme,” says Williamson. “But it’s a reliable way for a young person to put a reasonable amount of money in his pocket every month.”

“I get about $ 75 a month,” says Sean. “And it’s been going up as more of my Boosters remember to click through Boostapal before a purchase.” Emily, a 16-year-old high school sophomore and Boostapal member, says she gets about $ 175 a month. “My aunt and uncle own a business, and they do a lot of shopping on the Internet, so I get a lot more money from them than I do from any of my other Boosters.”

Emily says this money helps fill in the gap left by a low-paying, low-hours part-time job. “My work hours were cut back to make room for the owner’s brother who was laid off, and minimum wage doesn’t go very far.”

Boostapal’s founders don’t expect the site to replace traditional jobs for teens. “Part-time jobs are essential for teens,” notes Williamson, “Not just for the income, but also for the experience. Boostapal is here to help supplement a part-time job, or to help the kids who are having a difficult time even finding employment. Whether they’re receiving $45 or $300 a month from Boostapal, teens appreciate the effort their Boosters make.”

Indeed Janet, Sean’s aunt and Booster, tell us that she knows times are hard for teens, and is glad to be able to help. “For me it’s a no-brainer. If I can choose between a stranger and Sean getting some money, I’ll choose Sean every time. Clicking through the site before I buy something is easy, and I know how much it means to Sean.”

Sean uses the money for things you’d expect a 17-year-old to buy. “I like not having to ask my mom or dad for money to go to the movies or buy new clothes.” Sean explains. And with the extra income, Sean has even been able to get a head-start on his true career goal by taking online computer programming classes.

“The classes are kind of expensive, but I start college next year, and I know that whatever I can learn now will really help.”

1. “Teen Employment Hits Record Lows, Suggesting Lost Generation.” Kevin G. Hall, McClatchy Washington Bureau. August 29, 2013.

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For Media Contact:
Susan Wolff Embedded data.