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British Consultancy Firm Helps US Companies Expand Into United Kingdom, Germany And China

A boutique facilitation company which helps companies expand internationally have announced that they will be proactively reaching out to North American enterprises to help them develop their business in Europe and the Asia Pacific region.


JSB Market Research : Hansgrohe SE : Company Profile and SWOT Analysis

JSB Market Research announced latest market research report Titled “Hansgrohe SE : Company Profile and SWOT Analysis”.


Mobile Internet Contributes More Than EUR 90 Billion to Economies of EU5

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Dec 10, 2014) - The mobile Internet economy generates annual revenues of EUR 92 billion and a consumer benefit, or surplus, of about EUR 770 billion in the countries of the EU5 -- Germany, France, the UK, Italy, and Spain. The mobile Internet has created 250,000 jobs in these five countries.

Revenues are growing quickly, according to a report released today by The Boston Consulting Group, The Mobile Internet Economy in Europe, fueled by competition among the various mobile Internet ecosystems. The resulting innovation and choice lead to better devices and falling prices for consumers. By 2017, EU5 mobile Internet revenues will have more than doubled to about EUR 230 billion -- an annual growth rate of 25 percent, comparable to the growth of those revenues in China and the U.S.

The single largest contributor to growth will be the apps, content, and services component of the ecosystem, driven by the rapid expansion of mobile shopping and advertising.

On a per capita basis in the EU5, the average consumer surplus -- the perceived value that consumers themselves believe they receive over and above what they pay for devices, apps, services, and access -- is about EUR 4,700 ($5,900) a year. Consumers in Germany receive the biggest average surplus -- EUR 5,136 -- followed by France (EUR 5,072), the UK (EUR 4,657), Italy (EUR 4,307), and Spain (EUR 4,025).

"Competition throughout the mobile Internet ecosystem is driving innovation, growth, jobs, and a continually improving experience for consumers and businesses," said Dominic Field, a BCG partner and coauthor of the report. "Increasing mobile access everywhere is leading to new uses of the Internet -- in fields from banking to education and from health care to the delivery of public services -- further propelling growth. Policy makers can help keep the mobile Internet economy moving by pursuing proven policy goals that encourage continued improvement in these areas as well as innovation, value creation, and consumer welfare and choice."

Competition occurs at every layer of the mobile ecosystem -- among service providers, enablement platforms, and companies providing apps, content, and services. Competition is particularly intense -- and evolution especially fast-paced -- among device manufacturers and operating system companies. As recently as 2010, the BlackBerry and Symbian platforms accounted for almost half of smartphone sales; they now represent less than 5 percent. Today, Apple's iOS, Google's Android OS, and Microsoft's Windows Phone OS are fighting for market share while keeping an eye on newer entrants, such as Amazon's Fire OS, Nokia's X platform, Xiaomi MIUI, Firefox OS, and Tizen, which are further augmenting user choice and competition. All of this leads to faster innovation, more capable devices, and lower prices.

A big part of the mobile Internet success story is the flourishing app economy. There have been more than 200 billion cumulative downloads from the various app stores since the first app was developed in 2008. More than 100 billion downloads took place in 2013 alone, of which around 20 billion were in the EU. Leading app-store operators paid developers more than $15 billion between June 2013 and July 2014. The report notes that some of the world's largest and most successful developers of mobile gaming apps are in Europe.

"In Europe, growth of the mobile Internet economy is propelled by increasing affordability and accessibility, as well as by advances in technology and infrastructure," said Matt Brittin, vice president for Northern and Central Europe Operations at Google, which commissioned the BCG report. He noted that average selling prices for smartphones in Europe are projected to fall by nearly 38 percent by 2017 -- considerably faster than they will fall globally.

Large majorities of EU5 consumers would forgo most offline media (the one exception is TV) before losing mobile Internet access. More than half would give up alcohol and almost 50 percent are willing for forgo coffee, movies, and exercise to keep their mobile Internet access. One in five is willing to give up his or her car and 17 percent would abstain from sex. A significant minority of consumers (14 percent in the EU5) are not willing to give up their mobile Internet access at any price.

A copy of the report can be downloaded at www.bcgperspectives.com.

To arrange an interview with one of the authors, please contact Claire Hopkins at +44 207 753 8334 or hopkins.claire@bcg.com.

About The Boston Consulting Group
The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is a global management consulting firm and the world's leading advisor on business strategy. We partner with clients from the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors in all regions to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and transform their enterprises. Our customized approach combines deep insight into the dynamics of companies and markets with close collaboration at all levels of the client organization. This ensures that our clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage, build more capable organizations, and secure lasting results. Founded in 1963, BCG is a private company with 81 offices in 45 countries.

About bcgperspectives.com
Bcgperspectives.com features the latest thinking from BCG experts as well as from CEOs, academics, and other leaders. It covers issues at the top of senior management's agenda. It also provides unprecedented access to BCG's extensive archive of thought leadership stretching back 50 years to the days of Bruce Henderson, the firm's founder and one of the architects of modern management consulting.

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Eldon to showcase standard and customized enclosures at Germany’s SPS IPC Drives Trade Show

Eldon invites you to Nuremberg, Germany on November 25 – 27, where it will be showcasing its comprehensive range of user-friendly standard floor standing and wall mounted enclosures as well as customized solutions, at the SPS IPC Drives trade show.


ItWorks! Global Founder Announces Expansion Project

The home business opportunity offered by the Sasek’s features proven products with substantial growth potential and all the support systems in place.


Great beer scandal in Germany

It is the German magazine Focus that has written about how the German beer scandal swells in size.


Latest Report on The Future of Retailing in Germany to 2017

The Future of Marketing in Malaysia to 2017 is based upon an comprehensive, cross-country, market research program which delivers together Canadean's research, performing, and research skills to be able to create exclusively specific information about the market.


2013 Latest Report on The Future of Retailing in Germany to 2017

The Future of Retailing in Germany to 2017 is based upon an extensive, cross-country, industry analysis program which brings together Canadean's analysis, acting, and analysis expertise to be able to create uniquely specific industry information.


Aarkstore.com Presents- Germany Health and Wellness Industry Outlook to 2017 – Health

Germany Health and Wellness Industry Outlook to 2017 - Health Clubs and Spas to Witness Strong Growth at Aarkstore


2013 Aarkstore Enterprise | Germany Automotive Adhesives Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2018

Germany’s automotive industry is one of the largest emitters of carbon dioxide, resulting in environmental degradation due to which new norms are being framed by Government to control the carbon emission levels.


Aarkstore.com Presents- Gasoline and Oil Additive Market in Germany to 2017 – Market Size

Gasoline and Oil Additive Market in Germany to 2017 - Market Size, Trends, and Forecasts at Aarkstore


Germany Out-of-home Food & Beverage Market and Opportunities, 2018

Bharatbook Pleased to announce a new report on "Germany Out-of-home Food & Beverage Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2018" Germany is one of the largest food and beverages markets and also accounts for one of the largest foodservice markets in the European region.


HVDC Converting Platforms: The Future Transmission System for Offshore Wind

The rising concern over environmental conditions due to global warming is leading to increased interest in the development of renewable and clean sources of energy.


Renewable Policy Analysis – February, 2013

The “Renewable Policy Analysis” provides in depth study of the major renewable policy developments across the globe.


2013 Latest Report on Mehler Vario System GmbH: Defense – Company Profile and SWOT Report

This report is a crucial resource for industry executives and anyone looking to access key information about Mehler Vario System GmbH

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