Vidphoria Offering High Quality Explainer Videos At Affordable Prices

02, June 2015: A renowned explainer video creation company, named Vidphoria is offering its services at highly affordable prices. This video animation company is famous for their top quality whiteboard animation videos. Vidphoria has listed the price for the various services on its website so that it will help businesses to choose the most suitable packages. At present, the company is helping several top businesses to establish their brands by video marketing techniques. Vidphoria assures a complete explainer video delivered within 5 business days. The company also sends the final videos to the client in easy to use mp4 formats with a high quality definition. To provide a hassle free payment mode, Vidphoria has chosen PayPal and direct bank transactions for clients to pay their fees. According to the experts, the animation video services offered by Vidphoria will help the businesses to create a better marketing approach that is very engaging as well as cost effective.

When asked, the spokesperson for the company said, “We are happy to announce that our company, Vidphoria, is providing top-notch animated explainer video services at affordable prices. We provide all the services that are required to make a sensible explainer video. We understand that these videos represent the businesses, thus we make sure that they look the best.” He further added, “We hope businesses will consider our whiteboard animated explainer video services and see what difference we can make in marketing their brands, products and services.”

Vidphoria also provides video promoting services that help the businesses to target more potential customers online. The animated explainer video services by the companies will help businesses to draw the attention of customers to their main selling points, increase ROI and conversion, become visible on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google Plus.

About Vidphoria:

Vidphoria is a service provider company that creates animated explainer videos for companies which showcase their businesses, products and services. Vidphoria is offering its services at highly affordable prices to businesses from all industry domains.

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Bob W. has just launched an after effects tutorial about how to create explainer videos using after effects templates

Bob W. has just launched one of the best after effects tutorials about how to create explainer videos using after effects templates.

At the end of the video, Bob shares for Free an after effects template that can be used to create a whiteboard explainer video on less that 3 minutes and in his video he shares a download link for the template.

Bob has been a teacher for almost 20 years, and a few years ago he decided to create videos for a class. After he researched the topic of making videos he realized that the best videos for his students were whiteboard animation explainer videos because they had the best impact on the mind of his students and they would get the most from the info he presented.

But he had no idea how to create whiteboard animation videos, so he decided to learn after effects. He struggled for 3 days to create his first video, and since he couldn’t do it, he hired an after effects template to do the video for him.

Then, he started to watch more after effects tutorials and found out how to work with after effects templates. Even though it was quite difficult for him to create explainer videos for his students, he got better and better.

One of his students have recorded one of Bob’s whiteboard animation explainer video using his smartphone and posted the video on Facebook and the video got the attention of a marketing firm from his town.

The marketing firm was working for a big project in which they had to make a 2 minutes long explainer video for a bread company and they instantly decided to make a video similar to Bob’s.

After they got to Bob’s details they made him an offer to make a whiteboard explainer video for $1000. This is how Bob started his career working with after effects, a few years ago.

His after effects tutorial was great and explains 7 secrets to create the best explainer videos and he also gives away for free a whiteboard animation after effects template. His video can be watched in this link

About us: Creators of the best after effects templates and tutorials..

Contact: Bob W.
Company: After Effects Tutorials and Tricks
Address: 122 Main Street, 03262, N. Woodstock, NH
Telephone No.: 603-745-8972
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Videozee – The Best Explainer Video Production Company

Dallas, Texas – Video services are essential for businesses that are on the lookout to popularize their brand. Entrepreneurs can utilize this service to the optimum to boost their website’s presence on the Internet. Opting for professional assistance is advisable, as they possess the essential experience to promote corporate videos in a creative manner. Videozee is a provider of explainer video service and aims to create some of the most informative and attractive animated videos for client businesses.

Explainer videos, when created professionally, are easy to understand and carry a fun element so that the objective of the business being promoted can be conveyed. Website users prefer watching short and informational videos rather than skimming through a text article describing a business. These videos allow the users to get essential details in a smaller time frame. The service provider has a team of skilled professionals who are involved with the project. From creating animated characters to developing a script, these individuals guarantee carrying out the task effectively.

Google and other search engines place high importance on the presence of quality videos as a value added feature for attracting users. Professionals at the company adapt a specific approach for creating videos that enhance the quality of the customer website and the promotional campaign at the same time. The explainer video creation service is undertaken by the teams of scriptwriters, storyboard artists, graphic professionals and animators. They work in coordination to create a perfect combination of information and storytelling via videos.

The experienced team of experts at Videozee caters to the promotional needs of all niches and is capable of creating all types of videos. They even provide ownership rights of the videos to the clients so that they can be distributed anywhere on the Internet. The explainer video production company gives customers the liberty to pick the keywords that are relevant to the video content. These phrases then get added to the content so that the videos convey the message faster and in a more impactful manner to the audience.

Even in regards with voiceover, Google recognizes the keywords included in the audio. The search engine has implemented a speech recognition technology that translates the message into text and provides mechanical captioning. The company is knowledgeable about all the search engine criteria and takes them into consideration while creating HD quality explainer video. Also, the packages are marginally priced, to learn about which log on to

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Videozee – Creating HD Quality Explainer Video for Business Promotion

Dallas, Texas – Online marketing has video creation as one of the best strategies to promote products and services. When an entrepreneur is ready to create an explainer video for the organization, it is advisable to opt for the services of a professional. Videozee is a top service provider with an aim to create some of the most attractive and informative animated videos for the business entrepreneur.

Over the years, the company has managed to interact and conduct business with numerous clients all over the world. At present, there is a dire need for organizations to create better and more interactive videos for social networking sites. Explainer videos are considered one of the best tools for engaging more number of customers. Google and other search engines place great emphasis on the presence of quality videos. Accordingly, the company hires a team of talented script writers, storyboard artists, graphic artists and animators to create some of the best videos that are a perfect blend of information and storytelling via videos.

The explainer video production company believes that a video is worth a thousand words. Their videos enable users to incorporate information of the brand in order to convince them of the ability of their service. The video production team at the company is highly experienced and understands the nature of SEO activities. They create videos that are embedded with the right keywords to help promoters gain advantage over their competitors. The videos are also equipped with efficient coding so as to ensure faster loading and easy to browse features.

Other than creating HD quality explainer video, Videozee also undertakes their distribution to the top ranking search pages enabling a prominent visibility across the Internet. It is vital for customers to mention their requirements based on which the videos are customized. These animated videos are created in such a way that they introduce new concepts and technology for targeting the desired audience. They are powerful and effective means to reach customers in different countries.

When it comes to pricing structure of the explainer video creation service, customers can find it affordable. The professionals offer low cost and high quality videos so that it suits businesses of all types and niches. An assortment of economic service packages are offered providing customers an option to choose the ideal one based on their requirement. To acquire more information about the services and packages, it is advisable to browse

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VideoZee – Preparing Great Videos for Promoting Brands

Dallas, Texas – VideoZee is a firm that specializes in creating various kinds of motion pictures for companies. They make motion pictures for tutorials and promotions as well as explainer videos. They handle all aspects of the video production service from start to finish like script writing, creating the images and giving the human voice over. Their packages have many wonderful features in them. The work is done by teams of highly experienced professionals who have spent several years in the industry. This experience allows them to understand the requirements of all companies across all niches. That is why they are able to develop pictures that are suitable for each industry. Once the pictures have been completed they are given to the client who has complete percent ownership over them.

VideoZee completes all their work within a very quick turnaround time. The deadlines set by the clients are always met. The agency is well aware of the need for the motion pictures to be optimized for SEO purposes. Search Engines like Google consider motion graphics to be an essential part of the ranking paradigm. If a website has a video on it then the search engine assigns higher rankings to it. Loading the motion picture on YouTube is also a great way of boosting the value of a brand. But in order to achieve this, it is also essential for the motion graphics to be loaded with the appropriate keywords. The professionals at the firm find the right keywords and embed them in the images so that the rankings of the site are boosted.

There are many reasons why companies should avail of this service. It is commonly said that a picture is worth a thousand words. It has been observed that using motion graphics to market a brand is far more effective than using print marketing strategies. It is also possible to retain visitors on the website for a much longer period of time. The other major benefit of using motion graphics is that the brand can connect with the target audience on an emotional level. These days’ audiences are losing their patience with hardcore marketing strategies. They prefer it if the company were to simply elucidate the main points of the product and allow the buyer to decide if they want to purchase it or not. That is why logging on to for an explainer video is a good idea.

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VideoZee- The Popular Explainer videos Creator

Dallas, Tx – VideoZee is a premier explainer videos creation service. It is well known amongst its client base for creating the best quality attractive and informative animated videos. The firm has rendered quality services to many big and small firms. In fact, many business entrepreneurs have found their services to be truly affordable. The animated videos by the company have helped many businesses in finding the right promotion tool. The interactive format can be used to engage the targeted clients and give a brand value to the website. In the last few years, explainer video has emerged as one of the strongest marketing platform that helps in improving the client interaction. This further helps in improving the sale of products. The firm has a vast experience in the domain and has catered to the needs of clients from different niches. This unique quality of the firm has helped it in attaining the respect and trust of clients. Their command on various domains has played a vital role in establishing them as an expert.
VideoZee works with the help of its full-fledged trained employees having years of experience in the industry. These professionals are born artists having the skill and knowledge to create nothing but the best. The explainer videos created by them is the first hand proof of their amazing capabilities. VideoZee provides an individual creative team to each of its clients. These professionals study the product details; conceptualize the content that can be possibly used in the video, get the videoscript ready by a specialist and finally send it to the client for approval. Once it is approved by the customer, the professionals start giving life to the content and create beautiful, attractive and informative videos for the clients.
The professional team of VideoZee has been working in the direction of providing the HD quality video with excellent motion graphics to their clients. They are capable of embedding the preferred keywords in the explainer videos, so that the product videos can become search engine optimized and rank higher in search. This is helpful in increasing the online visibility and improving the online turnaround time. In general these videos are used for providing crucial information about a firm’s services and its benefits to the customers. They retain the attention of the audience and encourage them to visit the website. The wise usage of innovative characters in the video makes it all the more effective and aid in brand popularity. Visit to know more about the services.

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Find more information about Explainer video Embedded data. Creates Understanding: Explainer Videos That Drive Conversion and Sales is an animation studio with an international scope that focuses on creating understanding on the web by producing high quality explainer videos and drive sales and conversion on websites for online businesses.

When produces an explainer video for your company, they provide you with a complete package. Write a voice-over text, draw a storyboard, provide the voice recording, graphics, animation and sound effects. They deliver the animation in full HD in the common formats. With a maximum production time of 14 days and two correction rounds in each phase.

A Better Elevator pitch
Let’s face it, as a business owner you can talk for hours about your company, product or service and still think you have your message all sorted out. But having produce an explainer video can really help you convey the essence of your brand, product or service and will help you get a much better elevator pitch on your website as well as offline presentations. Give your visitors the essential information they need only and let them decide what to do next.

Increase Conversion Rates on Websites
A well-produced explainer video grabs and keeps people’s attention throughout the whole video and has a compelling call-to-action at the end. People that have watched an explainer video are also much more likely to stay on your website, look for more information and buy your product than people who are confronted with text and images only.

You Can Create Understanding
With the popularity of the web as a giant pool of instant answers to every question, explainer videos have started to play a big role in creating understanding online. When looking for new products or services, people spider the web much more quickly than a few years ago. Nowadays people are looking for instant satisfaction and want to find the information they need as quickly as possible. T0-the-point explainer video’s grab and hold the attention of visitors and can dramatically increase the chance to communicate your message.

Look More Professional
Adding a video to your website also allows your business to look more professional. When it comes to brand presentation, DIY is for dummies. While some people out there manage to produce a video that is quite all right, the majority of DIY videos look like amateurs “did it themselves”. You have a professional business and want your explainer video to resemble the professionalism of your business, product or service.

Visit for more information on explainer videos and their portfolio. They’ll be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with a free quote for producing an original explainer video. Embedded data.

Explainer Video Checks With Customer Each Step of the Way During Video Creation

Explainer Video is a company that provides high-quality sales videos, two businesses in need. If you own a business, that provides a complicated service to your customers, you may want to consider hiring Explainer Video to put together an explanation video for your product. They use a drawn out process, checking the clients along the way in order to ensure that their standards are met, and also that the highest quality work is delivered. The process that they follow in the video creation process include;

Style and Voice Actor

The first up in the process is to choose the style of video that you were looking for, as well is the voice actor that will be doing the voiceover for the video. Explainer Video Company offers three distinct styles that you can choose from, in order to ensure that you get the best possible video to represent your brand. Whether you are looking for cartoon style, corporate style, or pencil animation style, they can customize the video to meet your needs.

Briefed Using Document

After making those decisions, each and every customers will then be given a document, which asks a variety of different questions about their business, and the video and how it will be used. This allows you to provide information to Explainer Video in order to ensure that they have a good understanding of what you are looking for, and can use the creativity that they have on their staff to put together the perfect video for your business.

Storyboard and Voice Over

Following the filling out of the document, customers then are able to approve the storyboard and voiceover acting, before the video was completed. Scriptwriters will be coming up with an original storyline and voice text, that will be utilized to fit your brand. This is the time in which Explainer Videos allows clients to make changes to the storyline, make any suggestions that they may have for the completion of the video.

Animation and Effects

Then, the company creates all of the animation and effects that will be utilized in the video. They will hand illustrate the video, and then animate the video in the style of your choice. There will be some sound effects added to the video, that help to bring the video to life, and create an excellent sales video, that helps many to increase the conversion rate for their products and services on their website, Explainer-Videocom.


Then, the company will deliver the completed sales explanation video to the client. Most of the projects completed by the company are going to be within 10 days, although they reserve at least 14 days to complete the video. The video will be in full HD, HD ready, and also in mobile format for easy viewing.

Explainer Video is a company that has helped dozens of other companies to get the perfect video to explain their products and services, and help to convert potential customers, into return paying customers. They can be contacted about the services that they offer through the form on their website. Embedded data.

Explainer Video Company Provides Top Notch Explanation Videos To Businesses

Explainer Video is a company that focuses on providing high quality explanation videos, and animated explanation videos for businesses, organizations, and individuals. Having an explanation video can be an excellent way to improve your website, and explain the types of services and products that your business offers. Explainer Video Company pays close attention to small details, helping to explain difficult subjects to would be customers, increasing conversions. They utilize three time-tested animation styles, and are capable of delivering to the point videos, at a good price, on very short notice.

When the video was produced by the company, they provide customers with a complete package. Not only are they going to write the voiceover text, but will draw storyboard, record audio, animate graphics, and provide sound effects. The animation is going to be delivered in full HD and other common formats and the production time for the average video for the company takes about 14 days, with correctional rounds after each phase of the development.

Their process for creating the videos is spelled out on their website. First, they are going to choose a style of animation, as well is a voice actor for you. They offer cartoon style, corporate style, and also pencil style animations for your video. You may also be given an option regarding the voice actor that you choose. Then, they allow the customer to brief them utilizing a document that they are given, that spells out all of the information that will be required to create the perfect storyline for your video. After that, the company creates the storyboard, as well is the voiced over. The original storyline in voiceover will be approved by each customer before moving forward. Then, comes the animation and sound effects which is going to take up the bulk of the 14 days that are required in order to create a high-quality video from Explainer Video.

The company strives to deliver each and every video within 10 days, but may require up to 14 days in order to deliver the video to the client. On their website, Explainer-Videocom, they have made 12 different videos available that they have done for a variety of different businesses, some of which are brick-and-mortar businesses, while others are based online. This is done to allow you to get an idea of the level of quality that they are able to provide to each and every customer, and see a range of different styles that they are capable of producing when creating a video for clients.

Explainer Video is a company that strives to provide the best sales pitch videos, making it easy for you to understand the process in which they go through, and also easy to contact them about your project. If you are interested in having an explanation video created for your business or product, Explainer Video is taking on new projects, and available for business right away. Their portfolio shows that they have a wide range of experience, creating many different types of videos for businesses.

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