unveils a new plan to hire dissertation experts following the a growth in the demand for its dissertation help services

London, UK, May 17th 2016 – has announced that it will expand its team of dissertation coaches in a move to cater for the rising demand of dissertation coaching services. The service provider made the announcement after a survey that was conducted by professionals in the online market indicated that many clients are seeking reliable dissertation coaching services from proven service providers. In a report released, the company said that it aims to shun off competition from its online rivals by offering high quality dissertation coaching services.

The service provider will start hiring new dissertation coaches, with only the experts expected to join the service provider and thereafter subjected to go through a vigorous will see its competitive edge get better in the next few days after the service provider announced that it will hire expert dissertation coaches following a growth in demand for its services.

The survey that was done by experts in the online market, quite a large number of people are choosing to seek reliable services from a dissertation coach with a proven track record. This is indeed a clear statement of intent that the is dedicated to offer nothing but the best dissertation coaching services.

The whole hiring process will commence immediately; with only the expired coaches on the safe side of being hired. The top rated dissertation consultant can only hire experienced coaches to handle the huge demands if the service provider is to shun off the ever growing competition from its rivals. The new teams of dissertation experts are expected to bring new ideas into the approach and conduct of professional coaching; something that will offer the dissertation coaches a competitive and professional edge in the future.

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24Biz Now Grants Payday Loans in Mississippi Under the Most Favorable Terms

The reasons that make people apply for payday loans are different. They range from habitual everyday situations (like traveling needs or purchasing home appliances) and up to more complicated cases (like health-related issues, living expenses etc.). No wonder, the amount of people, who decide in favor of getting instant cash advance services, keeps growing on a regular basis. is one of the companies, which offers cash advance services, taking into account the needs and situations of each and every client.

24BIZ is a renowned US-based company, which stands out in the crowd due to the quality and amount of services they offer to their clients. As of today, the company is a leader in the payday loan business and provides the top-notch services under the most favorable conditions, regardless of the state a person lives in.

Recently, the company has conducted the research to identify the percentage of people, who used their services last year. They published the results at the official website to let people know about the current situation in the payday loan market. Thus, they managed to find out that 5.2% of adult Americans of Mississippi have used payday loans offered by their company in 2015-2016. The average loan sum per one borrower constituted $370. An impressive fact was that the amount of women, who needed a loan, equaled 61%, while that of men was 39% only. Speaking about the age of the borrowers, the percentage was equal in all the age groups and constituted around 12-15%. Retired people above 50 years old did not apply for loans actively, so the percentage of them constituted around 3-9%. For more detailed payday loan statistics, please, visit

Having analyzed the situation in the state of Mississippi, 24Biz experts have concluded that people living in the state face financial problems more often as compared to the residents of other states and, thus, apply for instant cash advance services more often. This is partially due to the fact that Mississippi is the least economically developed state of the US. It ranks last in terms of GDP in the country, with the prevailing amount of its territory remaining unexplored and undeveloped. No wonder, the economic situation is reflected in the financial abilities of the residents. 24biz is always ready to offer these people the on time assistance is obtaining short-term loans during the day. The procedure may be held either online or in the offline credit store office of the Mississippi state, which is based in Jackson.

About the Company: is a payday loan company, which delivers first-class services to people living across the USA. The company is distinguished by the high level of expertise, dedication to their clients’ needs, individual approach to each situation and safety of services provided 24/7. They cooperate with 300 direct lenders from different corners of the country and offer the lowest interest rates in the industry. No faxing, absence of hidden charges and round-the-clock support are the benefits the company offers each client nowadays.

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Contact Person: Marina Kingston
Address: 2021 E 3rd St., Sacramento, CA, USA
Tel.: (916) 333-0645
Website: relies on professional team of database experts to help in driving their services to the next level

London, UK, May 16th 2016 – said in a report released that it is banking on its team of expert database assignment writers to help in driving the service provider to the next level. The service provider, which will be entering the third quarter soon, said that it is looking forward to report the highest earnings. The company as well stated that it is looking to improve the quality of services offered as well as improve client experience. The company recently launched a money back guarantee offer accompanying each order.

For those students looking for expert help with their database assignment homework, nothing is as persuasive as getting help from a service that is not only reliable but professional., a leading provider of database assignment services said that its expert writers will be working hand in hand with clients to ensure that deadline are met and most outstandingly, every requirement is met in service delivery. The company has expressed its confidence in the online market saying that it is looking forward to build a stronger clients base.

Finding database assignment help experts has never been easy. Well, while you may find a number of service providers that may provide you with the services, the fact that you want to be certain that you will be provided with the most excellent quality services makes it imperative to seek the help of a service provider that blends professionalism and reliability. When you place your order with, the service provider will provide you with the best assignment help online.

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A Leading SEO Partner in Cape Town: GO-SEO

This is the age of digitisation. Everything, from shopping to transactions—is conducted online. And ever since the advent and popularity gain of Google, a large part of the market has shifted to online. There has started a scramble among various e-commerce and general companies to gain a rank at or near the top of the Google search. And the way to go about achieving this target is through the SEO technique.

The “App Store Optimisation” service is a recent addition to the store. It helps clients to make their company-related applications easier to find for online users. GO-SEO, an internet marketing firm which started out four years ago, operates with the aim of making digital marketing accessible to all kinds of companies; large, medium or small. Among the services provided are: PPC Management, Monthly Organic SEO, Video SEO, Dedicated Hiring, Pay-only-for-results-SEO, Affordable Apps, App Store Optimisation, Social Branding and Social Media.

PPC: The full form of Pay-per-click marketing, helpful in generating business for a company by posting ads on various popular websites. Go-SEO’s management services include: Setting up of the PPC campaign, regular Campaign Monitoring, Campaign Modification as required etc. They do text, Google, Image and Mobile ads.

Under the head of “Monthly Organic SEO”, the firm offers comprehensive keyword analysis, comprehensive website analysis, and maximum number of targeted keywords. Their aim is to discover and place before you an ideal market for your products.

The SEO techniques are implemented in the field of video searches as well, with endeavours to make the client company’s videos rank among the top ten related videos on YouTube, or make them rank high in the Google Video search lists. This is done through video content optimisation.

The expertise of the company in various SEO services has prompted many a firm to hire them as their dedicated hiring partner. A case in example is the “Pay Only for Results” option, Apart from a set-up fee, there are no charges involved, until and unless concrete results are delivered! And what’s more, this feature does not limit their budget in any manner.

Apart from SEO, they specialise in creating high-quality mobile apps for companies at affordable prices, and devise techniques to optimise the search for the app store. Other services such as social branding, social networking etc. are taken care of them to the fullest. To know more log on to:

Go-SEO offers SEO services in Cape Town and elsewhere in South Africa. As one of the foremost SEO companies in Cape Town, it helps clients rank their companies higher in Google search results, by making use of the search engine optimisation technology.

John’s Place, Cambelton Crescent, Parklands, Cape Town, 7441,South Africa
Tel: +27 (0)21 801 5844 to commence official restructuring of the service provider in a move to improve service delivery

London, UK, May 16th 2016 – is set to commence restructuring of the service provider in a move that is aimed at enhancing efficiency in service delivery. The service provider is keen on its intentions to make the service provider a leading provider of the best custom essay writing services and according to a statement that was lately released, the company said that they are now offering rush turn around and clients can speak directly to the expert  writers working on their tasks. also invited clients looking for cheap and reliable custom essay writing services to place their orders with the service provider.

With many service providers now offering custom essay writing services, it is hard to find a service provider that is professional, reliable and affordable.  If you are looking for a cheap custom essay writing service provider that will give you value for your money and have a good client experience then you should visit The service provider’s latest move to restructure how services are provided is proactive. Custom essay writing services is one of the best companies you can turn to for help with completing that essay that you urgently need.

The essay writing company is currently offering rush turn around services. Clients can now get their custom writing services completed in less than 24 hours. And with the free revision services, clients can always be sure that they will be provided with high quality services. The custom essay writing service provider has cheap essay writers who understand the ins and outs of writing a good essay. In addition to that, the writers work closely with the clients to ensure that all specifications provided are met.

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ToNewDigital Releases SamuraiSword Fun Educational Game for Kids on iPad/iPhone® That Builds Computational Fluency

ToNewDigital Releases SamuraiSword Fun Educational Game for Kids on iPad/iPhone® That Builds Computational Fluency

Justin, TX.—May 16, 2016

SamuraiSword – Fun Educational Game For Kids provides learners the boost in motivation they need to become active participants in the learning process.

ToNewDigital announces its launch of SamuraiSword game, an initiative under e-Learn Assess and Improve program, based on CCSS (Common Core State Standards®) and big data analytics. With the launch of a new series of educational games for the iPad/iPhone®, games are intended to improve computational fluency for early childhood learners. Computational skills are one of the most essential skills for the overall success of a child.

Designed for grades K–2, SamuraiSword helps student think quantitatively and develop attention. Game environment concepts are used to develop the interest for study. Game is one of its kind to review kids’ knowledge and efficiency. In SamuraiSword game, parents and teachers will receive a quick report card/assessment at the end to review the game session.

“SamuraiSword is ToNewDigital’s commitment towards supporting teachers and students in a truly blended and gamified learning environment” said Manish Panjwani, CEO of ToNewDigital.

Available for free through the Apple® App Store, students use their mathematical skills to help Samurai – an onscreen characters cut variety of fruits and earn the rewards. Students will apply their addition, subtraction and multiplication knowledge to win rewards. The formative assessments are formed using CCSS (Common Core State Standards®). In the coming weeks, teachers will be able to adjust the game level depending upon the kids current knowledge level. Rewards for kids (incentives) will further elevate kids engagement and surely result in better learning outcomes.

The free app can be downloaded from here or by searching for “SamuraiSword” in the App Store.

About ToNewDigital:

Founded by industry experts to build innovative solutions based on instructional research and advancement of technology. Apart from student and teacher centric product development, ToNewDigital works with Publishers and Ed-tech companies to build their future digital solutions including multiplatform/ multiarchitecture application development and content development. Solutions include learning tools, simulations, games, creative and interactive course content. ToNewDigital focuses on discovering and implementing new ways to serve education marketplace in the most effective manner.

Please visit ToNewDigital on the Web at or call 877-881-2519. offers 100% money back and timely completion of services

London, UK, May 16th 2016 –, expert corporate identity package service provider, is offering 100% money back guarantee and timely delivery of services. The move by the company has been inspired by the need to enhance the quality of services offered. In one way or another, the new move is as well inspired by the need to reassure customers that they will come out with the best services when they place their orders with the service provider. With the money back guarantee, clients can request for a refund if the quality of corporate identity package does not meet your standards.

As people continue to look up to online service providers for help with their corporate identity package, finding a service provider that will give you value for your money is not easy. To get the best corporate identity package, you need to make certain that you get help from a service provider that is not only reliable but also professional. With the new privacy guarantee, you can be certain that your entire private details, including your credit card details, will be safe when you place your order for corporate identity package.

The service provider will also ensure that all your projects are completed within the set timeframe. With a team of expert writers, the service provider ensures that even the timeliest deadline is met. And most imperatively, the service provider ensures that the identity package meets the highest benchmarks set. When you are looking to buy the best corporate identity, you want to be ensure that the service provider will provide you with high quality services. guarantees total client satisfaction, and in case you are not satisfied with the quality of services offered, you can for all time requests for a refund.

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Punit Group emerges as Top Real Estate Brand in Thane City

Punit Group, the premium real estate developers in Thane, has bagged the top ranks according to property reports 2016. This is because Punit Group has been offering the most affordable housing solutions with residential projects such as Kanchanganga in vartaknagar Thane. Every project is a considerate fusion of comfort, luxury and value for money.

Apart from being the top real estate developers in Thane, Puneet Developers has also been voted as The Most Trusted Brand by Consumers in a survey conducted by online real estate portal. Due emphasis was given on vital factors such as Puneet Developers commitment towards precision and fair trade practices, leading to 100% consumer satisfaction.

Having launched its milestone residential project “Kanchanganga” in Vartaknagar Thane, Punit Developers have significantly endowed buyers with luxury living, excellent amenities, good connectivity within as well as outside the city. With the availability of first-class residential services & well-planned development of the region, most of the purchasers are seeking 1BHK & 2BHK flats in vartak nagar thane. The credit of Puneet’s success goes to their partners, investors, clients, and hundred-strong workforce who make them one of finest luxury property developers in Thane.

Apart from offering best & affordable flats in areas like vartak nagar Thane, Punit Group Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the four walls of our establishment and constructions. This can be evidenced by our team’s unyielding attention to detail and perfection resulting in impeccable design and construction.

Since inception the company has always strived for benchmark quality, customer centric approach, robust engineering, in-house research, uncompromising business ethics, timeless values and transparency in all spheres of business conduct, which have contributed in making it a preferred real estate brand in Pune.

Beyond Thane

Punit Group has also expanded its projects beyond Thane, ie, in popular central & western suburbs of Mumbai. In the central suburbs, Punit Developers have their residential project Sanjivni tower in tagore nagar Vikhroli as well as in areas like Kurla.

In order to gratify the audience with reasonable housing solution, this real state brand endows 1BHK & 2BHK flat in tagore nagar Vikhroli. As per study, majority of the buyers & investors have been keen in buying at least a 1 BHK flat in tagore nagar Vikhroli for investment.

In western Suburbs, Punit Group have upcoming projects in Kandivali.


About Punit Group

Established in 1999, Punit Group in Thane has the most comprehensive construction service portfolio in the industry. The company is engaged in keeping with their fundamental relationship-centric business model, with unmatched high standard amenities resulting in over hundreds of satisfied customer families.

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Tel : 

 +91-7710080801/  +91- 7710030401 


TAMPA, FL, — Fast Lane Clothing Company, dba, Tampa T-Shirts, recently sold Toucan Dance and Scrub Nation custom apparel clothing lines to Sand Pine Alliance, LLC working with Tampa based intermediary company VR Business Sales.

Owner and CEO of Fast Lane Clothing Co., Juan Davis, says the decision to sell these lines was made in order to focus the company’s efforts on its growing markets of custom screen printed t-shirts, corporate apparel, uniforms and promotional products.

Operating since 1985, Fast Lane Clothing Company has seen continuous growth and currently employs 25 staff members at its East Tampa location.

Toucan Dance and Scrub Nation will continue to operate under their respective names with new owner Sand Pine Alliance, LLC. Please contact Fast Land Clothing Company, Juan Davis, with any questions at (813) 879-3298.

Company : Tampa T-Shirts
Contact : Juan Davis
Address : 5112 N. 22nd Street, Tampa, FL 33610
Phone : 1-813-875-3024
Toll Free : 1-800-959-0126
Fax : 1-813-871-2035
Email :
Website : & Join Hands to Provide Startups with a Platform to Achieve their Goals

New Delhi, 16, May 2016: Since the launch of the Startup India campaign on 16 January 2016, the startup ecosystem in India has been getting the much-needed boost. The campaign was first announced by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on 15 August 2015. According to his initiative, 75 startup support hubs have been created to contribute to the growth of the startup businesses in India.

In order to create a favorable environment for startups to launch their projects and carry out business, and have announced their partnership today. The partnership aims at offering a platform for startups to help meet their business objectives. Both the organizations will offer a bouquet of services at discounted costs, helping a startup to promote their business and reach their target groups. There are a host of services, including company registration, website and application development, press release distribution, presentations, startup profiling and interview, branding and social media marketing that startups can opt for at a reduced cost.

Speaking about the partnership, the Founder of, Arnav Anand states, “Well, I am through with the startup journey and now running a successful business. But I can never forget the ups and downs and highs and lows one can face as a startup. With, we can now work to make the challenging path of entrepreneurship more conducive and fruitful for the startups coming forward with beautiful and innovative ideas.”

With both the organizations coming together, more new ideas may come to the fore. Business aspirants who have little knowledge about how to launch their startup or create a broader awareness about their projects or ventures can benefit from this association. More and more startups are seeing the daylight and a number of venture capitalists, incubators and mentors are contributing to the growth of the startup ecosystem in the country. Recently, Google Launchpad Accelerator has announced the second batch of Indian startups and such initiatives are really conducive to turn Startup India campaign into a movement.

“Entrepreneurship is often confusing and tiresome. After working with several startups, we decided to forge an association with, allowing startups to launch their business with the knowledge and confidence they require to achieve success. We will be happy to assist a startup, offering guidance and advices and also services that they may require,” opines Vedant Goel, Editor-in-Chief of .

According to YourStory Research, Indian startups raised 1.42 billion UD dollars in the first quarter of 2016. This signifies the strengthening startup business environment in India. But still, there are several startups that fail to reach their intended goals due to lack of resources and guidance. For all startups, the partnership between and could prove an encouraging step that will facilitate their success story.

About is the leading press release distribution site in India with a huge traffic pool and around 50,000 registered users who regularly posts their news and story for creating a mass awareness. With a daily visitor of over 70,000, the website is very popular among business people, PR and marketing professionals, journalists and others.

About is an online platform for budding startups in India. The website is a hot spot for entrepreneurs, investors and others to learn about new startups and their innovative projects. One can read news, views and stories about Indian startups on the website.

For media inquiry, please contact Arnav Anand at: