Rule the track with a high-end carbon race machine

June 15, 2016 – Carbon Speed Cycle is the most excellent bike brand worldwide in terms of its superb performance. Its research and development department contains more engineering horsepower compared to any other bike company, and it’s dedicated to make every one of the road bikes, from hand-built carbon bikes to the sophisticated aluminum forms, the complete best in its class. You’ll experience the difference of the track bike wheel, from your first ride to the victor’s podium. A track bicycle or bike is one that is optimized for racing at the indoor or the outdoor track. Unlike road bikes, the track bicycle is one that has a fixed and a single gear and neither brakes nor the freewheel.

So, with a set gear and no brakes, the track cycling is an excitement ride which will get you attracted the first time you ride it. Track Bikes are ridden by the best cycling talents of the world. With years of experience in rim building, its track rim are born and bred at the track. This is run by riders, and for riders, presenting class-leading merchandises at an invincible price. Carbon Speed Cycle sells over thousands of bicycle products worldwide, from the magnificent item that you desire, to the bizarre product you never knew you required. CSC has a varied selection of brands and a compilation of vintage stock which isn’t available on any other website.

Streamlined and slimmed down for track racing, CSC track bikes are uncomplicated, ultra lightweight race mechanisms with a confirmed race history. Competing as well as winning on the most competitive track racing circuits, the carbon bikes have become renowned benchmarks for feat and value. Where else will you find the powerway hubs at low prices? All the items are hand-crafted by a team of trained mechanics. CSC is incredibly fervent about bikes and the staff has roadies, mountain-bikers, athletes, and cross-racers. CSC tries to put all that fervor, experience and commitment into everything it does.

Carbon Speed Cycle
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Story Mode in FIFA 17 Could Be A Game-Changer

It seems fitting then, that the video-game world of football has a huge surprise too – in the form of the freshly unveiled story mode that will be in EA’s FIFA 17 due for release later this year. Alex Hunter may not be a name you’re instantly familiar with, but he’s the star of The Journey and, with luck, this could be a mode that delivers for years to come. Cheap fifa 17 coins is hot saling in this store.

1. Outside pursuits

In 2013, a developer called Geniaware released a game called Lords of Football. It was awful, but it let us delve into the life of a footballer away from the pitch. Could we see something similar happen here? Can we take Alex clubbing for the evening instead of training?

What if he can have hobbies and interests that we decide? Sure, it sounds as though the structure of The Journey will be set in stone, but hopefully there are internal boundaries we can move within that aren’t too rigid.

When, through no fault of our own, a terrible referee sends us off because we slid in two-footed on Leicester’s Jamie Vardy and we’re suspended for a week or two, we want to take our would-be hero away for the weekend to try and get through the tough mudder.

2. From zero to hero

Those of you old enough to remember a time before games were at the pinnacle of technology they are now might remember a time when you’d act out being your favourite footballer in real life. Much the same as people would stand in front of a mirror with a tennis racquet pretending to be Bruce Springsteen.

No kid outside of the local area dreams of playing for Italian Serie B team Pescara, or in the Spanish Segunda Division for Osasuna, but let’s be honest, not every hot prospect signing for Manchester United ends up being the next Ronaldo, either.

Managerial mistakes can mean that sometimes clubs miss out on incredible players they already had (Gerard Piqué ending up at Barcelona from Man Utd springs to mind), but one good season can make or break you in the modern game.

3. That lad must have been born offside

EA has revealed that there will be dialogue options in The Journey, which on its own is really exciting. More interesting is that the Premier League managers (and only the Premier League ones have been announced so far) have been properly rendered for the first time.

Does that mean that José Mourinho may have recorded some dialogue? The Special One’s appearance on stage during EA’s yearly press conference (where they unveil their greatest and newest games), as well as his voiceover for the trailers certainly suggests EA and he are working together.

What if José can appear next to us, or give motivational quotes after matches?

4. Winning at all costs, despite friendships

Rivalries in football are a massive part of the game. What would the derbies between Arsenal and Spurs be if they lacked that crucial hatred of one another, despite the fact that huge rivals like the two Manchester clubs will often have players that join forces for international football.

In The Journey, we will be taking Alex onto the field with rivals. He will be up against the brightest and best in the league (and further afield) in the form of Harry Kane, James Rodríguez, Marco Reus, Anthony Martial, Eden Hazard, Dele Alli, Marcus Rashford, and Reece Oxford.

How Rodríguez and Reus come into it (being players from outside the English league) will be interesting, though we’d presume it’ll be Champions League-related. What if we get to play Hunter as a defender, and shut out a rampant Spurs with Kane and Alli trying their hardest to win? What a feeling it’ll be to be the best striker on the field despite sharing it with Reus. How great would it be to get the nod for Manchester United ahead of Rashford or Martial?

There’s a real chance that FIFA’s story mode could make us feel like the King, no matter what Mr Kane thinks about it.

A’qto Cycling Reports That Demand is high for Premier Apparel

Middle Park, Australia; 09, June 2016: It’s no secret cyclists have a strong affinity for their bikes. They help cyclists to keep fit and enjoy their time outdoors. Professional cyclists also depend on their bikes to remain competitive. But, there is one other thing cyclists enjoy on the road, and that is wearing premier apparel.


A’qto Cycling is a retailer of such clothing for cyclists. They have reported an upsurge in cyclists buying high quality clothing. It seems that, these days, only the best cycling wear will do for those serious about their sport.

There are, of course, many types of clothing that cyclists wear on a regular basis. But, what some people don’t realise is the construction of those items affects performance. Jerseys that don’t “feel” right, for example, can cause cyclists to lose their concentration. And that can jeopardise their competitive edge in a cycling contest.

So, why does A’qto Cycling believe their apparel is what cyclists yearn for the most?

Australian design

The trouble with many clothing products for cyclists is they get designed abroad. It’s a common fact that body shapes differ in various parts of the world. Plus, clothing gets designed to meet the needs of local weather conditions.

In a country like Australia, the climate can become unforgiving during the summer months. A’qto Cycling designs their apparel for Australians in mind. People that wear their clothing have a more comfortable experience on the road.

Each product gets designed with air permeability and liquid moisture management in mind.

Large selection of colours, sizes and styles

Life would be rather boring if everyone dressed the same. Everyone has their individual tastes in clothing. And the same thing applies to cycling apparel as well.

A’qto Cycling has a range of products that will satisfy even the most demanding of cyclists. From jerseys to bib shorts and jackets to caps. Cyclists from any walk of life will find the right colours, sizes and styles for their needs.

Lifestyle inspiration

For many people, cycling isn’t just about winning the race. Nor is it about being competitive. Cycling has become a lifestyle choice for thousands of Australians.

A’qto Cycling takes inspiration from the things that influence their customers’ lifestyle choices. One of which, of course, is the need for high quality goods.

Custom cycling kits

There will be times where a uniform approach to cycling is a must. For instance, pro cyclists will form teams and want to complete touring challenges.

A’qto Cycling offers a custom cycling kit design and manufacturing service. In a nutshell, this allows Australians to develop their own team branding. And without compromising on quality or style.

About A’qto Cycling:

A’qto Cycling is an online retailer of high quality cycling apparel. Their products are designed in Australia. They sell cycle wear in a range of different styles, colours and sizes for men and women.

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Middle Park, VIC, 3206, Australia
Phone: +61 (0)410 651 573

Soccerkp Announces Clearance Sale of Soccer Shoes with up to 60% Savings

28, May 2016: Good news for soccer lovers and football enthusiasts who want to grab a pair of quality soccer cleats at cheap prices. Soccer KP Store has a new clearance section with an impressive range of shoes, selling at discount prices. Shoppers can enjoy up to 60% of price savings and can rest assured of getting original products delivered at their doorstep in a timely manner. The sale includes shoes like Nike Mercurial Superfly, Nike Magista Obra, Nike Hypervenom, and other shoes. These shoes are highly stylish and can help a wearer to enhance his performance on the ground.

The soccerkp store has cheap soccer cleat sale for all soccer lovers who want to wear shoes from a premium brand without burning a hole in their pocket. The shoes are available in a range of styles with a variety of color choices. A customer can choose from an ample range to find shoes at cheap prices that can match their personal style. All these shoes available under the clearance sale are truly unique, offering a great cost benefit to the shoppers.

Soccer shoes from companies like Nike and Adidas often command a premium price in the market, and the soccer kp store allows customers to purchase these shoes at cheap prices by designing great deals and offering clearance sales. They include quality products in their sale, creating an opportunity for customers to grab outstanding products at a never-before price. The leading online soccer cleat store keeps updating its stock periodically and one can find the latest shoes with them from the leading brands, available at lower prices than their original market price.

The online store is also a great source of soccer shoes news, updating customers about the latest products introduced in the market. One can read reviews of the popular soccer cleats and can learn why these shoes can transform both style and performance of a wearer. In order to read reviews, or choose any product from their clearance sale at cheap prices, one can visit the website .

About Soccer KP Store

Soccer KP Store is committed to delivering top quality products from premium companies. All products are sufficient to satisfy customer choices, bring 100% satisfaction with the best service and lower prices. The online store has the goal of providing customers with the world’s finest football shoes etc at a superb price. The store brings great deals on Cheap Soccer Cleats at the best prices online. One can check out the New 2016 Nike and Adidas Soccer Cleats, available at cheap prices and with Free Shipping!

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Website: Presents Its Online Shop Selling Soccer Cleats Online

Australia; 04, June 2016: Soccer as we know is a sport that has followers from across the planet. Australia too has a chunk of followers who are crazy about sporting jerseys and footwear. However, the conventional market has limited number of options for these cleats. To help customers get a huge number of options and buy some of the most popular designs, Prokickaustralia has come up with an exclusive store. The company offers original products from brands like Nike and Adidas where each of them have a wide range of options to choose from. The USP of the website is the aspect of affordability for some of the most popular and exclusive designs. The primary foal of the company is offering the customers the finest football shoes which are great in value.

The company purchases these shoes in bulk and keeps a huge overhead stock. Adding a minor profit margin and passing the savings to customers is what helps them in offering highly discounted products. They have been doing so for the last 10 years and the store is quite popular in the country. The website is secured and has abundant stocks to suit virtually every tastes. Once orders are placed they are shipped within the next 5 to 7 days. Customers would be delighted to note that the company accepts payments using all the popular cards from VISA and Mastercard. Presently, the company has added several New 2016 Nike Soccer Shoes to its collection.

In order to make the shopping experience a lot better, the website has been developed in a simple design and the homepage features the popular products instantly. Additionally, to shop by brand a customer need only click on the relevant category which takes them to the collection of shoes that is available for a purchase. Each product comes with multiple images that gives a closer view of the products to the customer. They also come with an option to select preferred sizes and multiple colors (if available). Pro kicks Australia offers international shipping as well and uses the services of popular shipping service providers like DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc. To know more about the products or get answer to any relevant queries, customers can use the contact us option featured on the website. The representatives of the company will guide and offer answers to all queries to make sure a smooth deal takes place and customer gets the product they are looking for.

About Pro Kicks Australia:

Pro Kicks Australia is an online store that sells a wide collection of soccer cleats. The shop features a wide range of options from brands like Adidas, Nike and Puma. These cleats are offered at highly discounted prices. For more information about their offers and products, please visit their website.

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Kicks Australian Comes Up with Its Trendy Range of Soccer Shoes

Australia; 04, June 2016: Soccer is one of the most famous sports around the world. There are huge amount of people who like to buy branded products and follow their favorite sports personalities. One of the most important elements in soccer are the soccer shoes. Football is nothing without perfect pair of shoes as forms the major part of a sports person’s game. Buying branded soccer shoes can be really expensive and it is important to purchase from a platform that can help in getting them at discounted prices. With the advent of online stores it has become really easy to get big brands at discounted rates. One of those online stores that have been selling quality branded shoes at cost effective rates are

Kicks Australian provides an interactive platform where the users can check out different brands and make comparisons. It is always important to make a proper research before purchasing products online. One would need to check out the design of the shoes and buy according to their size. The cheap soccer shoes make it really easier to buy branded shoes without compromising on the quality front. While making their research the buyers should make sure that they check out the testimonials of previous customers to see the response that the company received.

The latest addition to their stock is the new Adidas X 16 Australia. There are wide varieties of shoes available from Adidas at a discounted rate. While buying branded shoes from companies like Adidas, Reebok, Nike, etc. budget always becomes a constraint. Online stores come to play during this situation as they can reduce the price by 20% to 50% and help the buyers get cheap soccer shoes. The New Soccer Cleats for Sale available in the online store come in new trendy designs and provide variety of options to the buyers.

Nike lovers can check out the Nike Mercurial Superfly Australia. This is the latest addition made by Nike in their range of products. The online store keeps updating its stock and they provide all the latest range of shoes manufactured by all the brands. One can subscribe with the online store and get the latest updated from their website. Buyers who want to be updated about the latest range of stock should subscribe and they will be kept updated by the online store. There are interesting designs available for women soccer players that include Nike Women’s magista, Nike women’s mercurial, Adidas women’s ACE and much more.

About Kicks Australian

Kicks Australian is a company situated in Australia. They have been selling branded shoes through their online store for a long time now. The
ir range of shoes consists of products made by Adidas, Nike, Puma and Reebok. To know more one can check out the above mentioned website.

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Soccerlp Shop Makes Shopping of Sports Cleats an Affordable yet Easy Affair

United States of America; 04, June 2016: Shopping online is a trend that has expanded to almost every country of the globe today. People are buying almost everything online and it has made businesses grow at a rapid speed than ever before. Shoes and boots are a hot-seller on several online portals but only a few have an extensive collection and attractive pricing. Brands like Nike, Reebok, Adidas, and Puma are the known names of the industry and offer some exceptional quality of products to its customers. However, these shoes are available at expensive prices and might be just a dream for a number of aspiring fans. To make these products within the reach of the masses and offer them at great prices Soccer lp Shop has come up with an innovative platform of its own.

SoccerlpShop is an online shopping portal with a difference. The latest collection of some of the most popular shoes are offered at hugely discounted pricing. Customers from across the globe can use this website and order their favourite shoes from their homes. The collection is mainly targeted to offer high quality sporting shoes to aspirants playing different kind of sports like soccer. In order to check the collection which features shoes like the latest Adidas ACE Soccer Cleats, customers can check out their website at The shop has been segmented in different sections which facilitates an easy shopping experience to the customers. The shoes have been categorised under different brands and each category presents a number of options to choose from. Customers have the option to check and compare shoes as per their requirements and select the best one which meets their needs.

Keeping emphasis on the aspect of easy shopping the store, comes with protected transaction environment. Orders can be made in simple steps while payments are accepted from almost all the international credit cards. Coming to shipping of orders, the company ships them in the 3-4 days after receipt of an order. They ship them globally and for free. Some of the popular shipping partners includes the names of FedEx, UPS and DHL. For any customer grievances or queries, the website has a dedicated team that offers quick response to all the issues and help the customers instantly.

About Soccer LP Shop:

Soccer LP Shop offers an innovative online platform featuring exclusive collection of footwear from some of the most reputed brands in the world of footwear. The collection is offered at highly discounted prices and customers from across the planet can order them online. For more information and to make a purchase, please visit their website.

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Soccer CP Store Sells Variety of Branded Shoes at Cost Effective Rates

United States of America; 04, June 2016: Online stores have been coming up with innovative designs of shoes that too at discounted rates. Soccer shoes have been in high demand in almost every region around the world. These shoes are not only manufactured for professional players but they are also used by budding footballers that go for club matches. There are huge amount of stores selling these products and one of them is Soccer CP Store.

Branded shoes come with various advantages that one cannot get in any locally made shoe. These sports shoes are comfortable enough and they give a firm grip to the footballers. It helps in running fast and reduces the risk of injuries. Along with quality these shoes are also better in design and they provide an improved look to the player on the ground. Since these shoes tend to be quite expensive it is not possible for everyone to buy them. In the past decade online store like soccer cp have made it much easier for the buyers to get designer sport shoes from the comfort of their home. One just needs to make a proper research and make sure that they are with the best.

While making a research one can check out the collection of the shoes in the online store. They can read the specifications mentioned on every product and also go through the clients testimonials. This would make it much easier for the buyer to make a decision and finalize the product. There are price filter options available on soccercpstore help the buyers to select the price suitable to them and set a price filter for their products. This makes it much easier for the buyers to get the products at their price. While buying the shoes it is important to check out the size and select them by mentioning all the specifics. The online store would send them to the address mentioned by the buyer and they can get them exchanged if they are not satisfied with the product they get.

The latest addition to the Adidas range of shoes is the Adidas ACE. The ACE range of shoes consists of primeknit and purecontrol shoes that are available in various colors. One can select the design that meets their requirements. In the women’s range of shoes there are wide varieties of sports shoes available for the sportswomen. Buyers can check out the best sellers and buy the one that is liked by huge amount of clients.

About Soccer CP Store:

Soccer CP Store is an online shop that sells different kinds of branded shoes. They have been in this field for a long time and they have been able to maintain a good customer base. To know more about the company one can check out the abovementioned website.

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Soccer KP Launches An Online Shopping Portal With Discounts Over 65% And Free Shipping

07, June 2016: Playing the sport called soccer needs a lot of stamina as well as proper gears like any other sport. Shoes are the most crucial and critical element for playing soccer as it not only protects the feet but also helps in playing the sport with utmost comfort. There are a number of brands that present exclusive soccer shoes and have been popular around the globe. These includes the well-known brands like Reebok, Nike, and Puma. However, most of the shoes that these brands offer are available at high prices which makes them unavailable to most of the aspirants. To facilitate customers looking for shoes that are offered by these brands at affordable rates, SoccerKP has come up with its online shopping portal. The portal is offering discounts as high as 65% on some of the most popular shoes.

The store is like any other online shopping portal that gives access to plethora of options with a number of designs and colors to choose from. Additionally, the collection is of some of the newest trending shoes that are popular among players and even sported by some popular athletes. For instance, the store has even featured the latest Nike Mercurial Superfly V for customers. To make shopping a great experience, the store has been attractively designed and offers easy access to different sections on the portal. People can directly move to relevant categories by simply clicking on the links presented on the homepage. Nike football boots or Reebok soccer boots have all a separate section on the store.

Browsing and comparing these products, customers can easy have a closer look to them due to multiple images of each which are of high resolution. They may even select their preferred color options within the range. Ordering is quite simple wherein customers will need to create an account start adding products to their cart. During the checkout they can move ahead and make payment using their credit cards. Additionally, they would be happy to note that the products are shipped for free globally and are packed as per the latest standards of safe packing. They are also shipped using reliable service operators to ensure the products reach in timely and in the best possible state as possible. For more details about the products or any other queries, customers may use the direct communication options available on the website.

About Soccer KP

Soccer KP is an online shopping portal which retails its exclusive collection of trendy soccer shoes from brands like Reebok, Nike and Puma. The store is offering a discount of 65% on select range of shoes which is backed by free international shipping. For more details please visit their website.

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Company: Soccerkp

Soccer CP New Comes Up With Its Stylish Collection Of Soccer Shoes

United States of America, 07, June 2016: Football is a widely followed sport and there are huge amount of football fans around the world. Fans just love to follow their favorite sport icon and wear the jersey and shoes owned by them. Aspiring footballers and young kids like to use the brands that are endorsed by their favorite footballer. With the huge stock of shoes and accessories online stores have made it much easier for the football fans to buy these products at discounted prices. One of the online stores selling trends soccer shoes at cost effective prices are Soccer CP New .

Before buying from an online store it is important to make a proper research and make sure that one is buying from the correct store. One can go through the specifications and pictures of the shoes presented on the online store. Soccercpnew has wide variety of products listed in different categories. One can check the products depending on their budget and requirements. The products are available at a discounted price and the discounts range from 20% to 50%. This is one of the biggest advantages of online store as one can compare between different products and make a smart purchase.

The shoes present in the online store of soccercp consist of some of the famous brands like Nike and Adidas. Online stores keep updating their stock by bringing up new varieties of shoes from time to time. There are seasonal sales also available that can be really advantageous for the regular buyer. Buyers should keep an eye on the shoes present in the online store as it helps them to stay aware of the new trends. Some of the brands in present times have been manufacturing shoes that are made based newer technologies. It helps in getting a good grip of the shoe and makes it easier for the player to run faster.

It is important for the player to have proper accessories to play the game or they suffer on the field. Even if one is involved in local football tournaments and one is a budding footballer they need to be at their best to reach the top. Buying branded shoes that help in running better and beat the opponents is one of the most important aspects of football. People generally face budget constraints when it comes buying shoes made by big brands and it is always wise to select a platform where one can get good discounts without compromising on the quality.

About Soccer CP New:

Soccer CP New is an online store that has wide variety of soccer shoes. They provide the buyers a unique platform that helps them buy shoes at cost effective rates without any compromise on the quality front. To know more about the company one can visit the above mentioned website.

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