Fun and Learn Yoga Training in Costa Rica by Hari-om Yoga School

In today’s stress-bound life, a physical activity that can upgrade your fitness with endless peace of mind is ‘Yoga’. On hearing the word ‘yoga’, the first word that strikes up in mind is ‘Asana’. The sanskrit term ‘yoga’ and an age-old practice of India to soothe physical and mental wellbeing comes with a boon of curing a host of diseases; hence; it has been embraced across the globe.

Yoga ‘A Must’ Exercise:
The syncronisation of mind and body with the aptness to mitigate stress and to elevate your inner stamina to give you countless physical benefits that question other forms of exercise, giving you a lasting good health, tranquility and peppy all day long. The main purpose of yoga is to unshackle from stress and to unleash a new wave of vim in self. The prominence of yoga has made its place in leisure centres, health clubs, schools, hospitals and yoga training schools. To dump your daily stress and to set aside your packed schedule for few days, modern yoga schools add a tinge of vigour in the yoga-practice by means of recreational holiday packages, which include practices, learning, sumptuous meals, comfy accommodations organized by recognized yoga schools through wellness travel organizations.

The one-step point for recreation and rejuvenation:
Of many yoga centers emerging these days, the one you can count on for its novelty is the ‘Hari-Om Yoga School’. The noted and reputed yoga school helps one to ease off your pent-up stress in the natural environs with much ease and fun. Today’s world is in the midst of chaos. To set free from a chaotic life, ‘Hari-Om Yoga School’ is the vital place to kindle your inner self and revive yourself in outdoors through yoga-learning and indulging in luxurious lodging and toothsome dishes. The yoga taught in this yoga school will drive you out of tedious living, taking you into an exhiliarating exploration of living. The focus of the yoga school is to have a calm mind with active body for an inspiring life.

An Insight On Yoga Training Of ‘ Hari-Om Yoga School’:
Before enrolling to any field of learning, you would want to delve into the teaching program of the institution. To brief you about the Yoga Teacher Trainings of ‘Hari-Om Yoga School’, it imparts a hard-core base of teaching yoga to enlighten you to seek self path among the sundry ways that abide in the sphere of yoga.

A team of accomplished yoga maestros with niche in the fields ranging from the sessions of Asanas to Meditations, from yoga anatomy to philosophy, from application of yoga to heal diseases to introduction and use of the traditional science of India ‘Ayurveda’ by herbs, from the significance of ‘Mantra’ to chants of ‘Om’ all performed in the open studio amidst the natural wonders, lush gardens and crystal clear beaches. On top of that, Yoga Teacher Trainings give you a platform to get a 200-hour and 500-hour yoga certificates from Yoga Alliance. Be the newbies or experienced yogis, Yoga Teacher Trainings of this institution motivates all to awaken self by incorporating an indepth understanding and knowledge of spirituality in their daily lives by infusing several layers of yoga.

The Value Of Yoga Alliance:
Having learned the yogas from eminent trainers, the trained yogis from Yoga Teacher Training program of ‘Hari-Om Yoga School’ receives a Yoga Alliance certificate—- credentials for registered yoga teachers are conferred to the students. The boon of getting the certificate from Yoga Alliance is you are eligible to get employment as a Yoga Trainer in all parts of the world in yoga industry. The only criteria to meet is to pass a 200-hour and 500-hour yoga program from registered institutions. The achievers of Yoga Alliance get levels of designation based on their qualifications. If you are hunting for a unique profession, ‘Hari-Om Yoga School’ is the place to vouch you a promising career of a Yoga Trainer for your bright future.

Grab The Exotic Offer Of Hari-Om Yoga School 2014:
Generally in yoga classes, you are taken to an enclosed room to practice your sessions or in an outdoor place with serenity all over. How about practicing your sessions in the open ambience in the lap of nature, with spa treatments, delectable gourmets, visits to small trips? Sounds cherry on top, isn’t it? The above mentioned school proffers exotic venues miles away from a hectic city life, nestled in the heart of nature for yoga trainings with an enriching yoga-learning experiences from world’s finest instructors. Reap the benefits with one of the top-notch Yoga Training Retreats organized by ’Hari-Om Yoga School’ from January 4, 2014 to January 25, 2014 in Samasti Nature Retreat; February 22, 2014 to March 23, 2014 at Tiskita Jungle Lodge; September 20, 2014 to October 11, 2014 at Samasti Nature Retreat in Costa Rica. Other indulgences you can plunge in are to have soothing massages and spa treatments, pleasures of unwinding on the beach, seek experts’ advice from therapists, gorge in lipsmacking menus, bask in the excursions, etc. For further deyails, log into

Guided by top-rated trainers in breath-taking environs, these classic Teacher Training Retreats are aimed to design your yoga-practice and revivify self. Make avail of the package by taking part in the spiritual quest and get to see life-changing results.

Give a halt to your overflowing schedule and recharge yourself in the promised land of yoga in the above mentioned best yoga school. Get atypical space of grace in the paradise of yoga in ‘Hari-Om Yoga School’.

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