Delay in filing rape case against Pujya Bapuji not the first, will not be the last

New Delhi (16th Jan, 2014): Law and order as well as constitutional rights have a long tradition of being misused in our country. On countless occasions people have twisted and tweaked the law to derive financial mileage from it. This was evident when two women filed a rape case against His Holiness AsaramJi Bapu after several years of the alleged incident.

The latest case to have come to light of a similar nature is that of former Justice Swatenter Kumar who has claimed 5 crores in damage from media channels that ran news about a case filed against him by a law intern who worked for him. The complainant accused that Kumar had harassed her in 2011 following which a high level committee was set up to investigate the case. In hearing the case the Chief Justice of India P Sathasivam asked, “Why did the girl wait for for so long being a law graduate? There are so many retired judges. Complaints can come against them even after 20 years.”

The same question was being asked by those in support of AsaramJi Bapu when cases were brought against him but at that time there were not many takers for it. In this instance since it involved a former Justice, the reaction from the legal fraternity was quick and convenient.

Later last year a very similar case came out against Justice AK Ganguly, which is pending investigation in a court and Ganguly has resigned following immense pressure from media. It is the same media that has brought countless allegations against AsaramJi Bapu. One should not forget that the series of allegations raised are BapuJi are all fabricated and baseless. Embedded data.

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