Orange County Plumber Scott Harrison Plumbing Gives Carl’s Jr. Tankless Water Heating

Scott Harrison Plumbing, one of Orange County’s leading plumbing companies, has completed a tankless water heating installation for Carl’s Jr. Newport Beach using a Rheem high quality tankless water heater.

The well-known fast food restaurant is one of many Southern California businesses to invest in tankless water heating. Scott Harrison Plumbing has worked with a wide variety of local businesses to make efficient, space-saving tankless water heating an important priority.

Founded in 1985, Scott Harrison Plumbing has emerged as one of the top Orange County commercial plumbers Thanks to Mr. Harrison’s reputation as a “plumber’s plumber” whose great level of expertise makes even the largest problem solvable, its become a favorite of local businesses and franchises alike.

Mr. Harrison believes that local businesses can benefit hugely from “going tankless” and replacing their hot water tanks with tankless systems. He notes that switching from tank to tankless heater reduces wasted energy and lets businesses “avoid the cost of pointless standby heat loss.”

There are also practical benefits beyond the purely financial. Tankless heaters tend to take up less space, making them a good option for businesses located on small or cozy premises. “Restaurants and other businesses that need to use space wisely can enjoy great benefits from switching to a tankless system,” Mr. Harrison claims.

Common concerns about tankless water heating are also a nonissue, according to the experienced Orange County plumber. “Businesses in need of reliable hot water can run two heaters in parallel for extra power and improved reliability, compared to a traditional commercial tank.”

As well as its tankless water heating installations, the Orange County plumber offers a variety of additional services. Scott Harrison Plumbing offers both residential and commercial plumbing in Orange County, making it a favorite of local businesses and residents alike.

It also offers air conditioning servicing and repair, further appealing to locals and Southern California businesses. Regular servicing of air conditioners, like the new tankless water heating system installed for Carl’s Jr., is essential for reducing total power consumption and increasing energy efficiency.

With a serious focus on safety, Scott Harrison Plumbing carries out a number of important checks and tests before declaring a system ready to use. On its latest project for the Newport Beach branch of Carl’s Jr., the Orange County plumber carried out a number of tests along with the Southern California Gas Company.

From restaurants to the home, thousands of California houses, apartments, and businesses can benefit from tankless hot water. Scott Harrison Plumbing’s quick, high-quality and reliable services have made it Orange County’s first choice for enjoying the benefits of tankless hot water and other plumbing services.

About Scott Harrison Plumbing:
Scott Harrison Plumbing offers full service plumbing, bathroom and water heater installation in Orange County, CA areas since 1985. They also have fully-equipped staff, provide safety inspections, repiping, and commercial plumbing services.

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