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JDisc, a Germany-based company specializing in network discovery products, has released version three of its network documentation tool set. Their core product, called “JDisc Discovery”, is a network discovery tool able to identify all major operating systems, including Windows, Linux, MAC OS X, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris and VMware Server. The product will provide customers with a detailed list of hardware and software information. “We go far beyond simply collecting some basic device attributes”, says Thomas Trenz, founder and CEO of JDisc. “Do you need to know which virtual machine is running on which physical host? JDisc Discovery will provide the answer for more than seven virtualization technologies, including VMware, HyperV, Solaris LDOM and Zones. If you want to know which devices are connected to your switch port, our Networking Add-On will give you the required information. Of course, the Networking Add-On also identifies the VLAN configuration and checks which WLANs can be seen by WLAN clients.”

There are several optional add-ons available which can be installed on top of JDisc Discovery and which add features that not every user might need. The add-ons integrate seamlessly into the core product and enhance its menu and discovery capability. Currently, JDisc offers three different add-ons:

Networking Add-On:
The Networking Add-On allows you to scan the network topology (i. e., which device is connected to each switch port), collects configuration files for HP and Cisco switches and routers, identifies VLANs and their associated switch ports and detects wireless networks, including their name and signal strength.

Device History Add-On:
The Device History Add-On gives you the ability to store history data for each device by means of so-called snapshots. These snapshots store device information at a specific point in time. The user interface allows you to compare snapshots and to highlight differences.

Dependency Mapping Add-On:
The Dependency Mapping Add-On scans the list of open TCP/IP ports and TCP/IP connections. These can be visualized graphically in a map.

JDisc Discovery comes with a flexible licensing policy. Customers can choose between a permanent license and a project license. “The project license is ideal for IT consulting and outsourcing companies who do not need the product permanently, but only for the duration of their project”, explains Thomas Trenz. Customers can choose between three different editions (small business, medium and enterprise edition) for a solution that fits their needs as well as their budget.

The product easily integrates into your IT landscape. Discovered data can be imported into Various CMDB or license management solutions. According to Thomas Trenz, JDisc is open for new integrations and helps customers with the integration into their IT systems.

About JDisc:

JDisc is a Germany-based company that focusses on product development and consulting in the area of IT documentation.

JDisc UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Kuppinger Weg 25
D-71116 Gärtringen/Germany

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