Over 7700 People Sign Petition On Change.org To Stop Yellow Journalism

New Delhi(9 JAN, 2014): Another new campaign started by the masses have now surfaced on Change.Org, the online petition website where over 7,700 well wishers and truth-seekers have arrived and signed their assent to preventing Indian media from continuing on its path of yellow journalism. This is not the first time for such online or offline protests to have come to fore. Previously, on Twitter a huge wave of protest was observed followed by a similar upsurge of support and call for justice by the common people of this nation who are appalled by how honesty and truthfulness has been stymied by a section of the media for personal gains.

AsaramJi Bapu has always lead people on the path of truthfulness and light and that is the reason why he has such a large following all over the world. His following is not reasonless. However, the said section of corrupt media channels targeted Bapuji and has chosen to ignore all of that in order to make money. The case we have at hand is that of classic yellow journalism and people no longer want to be a part of that any more. Protests happening on the roads and in the online realm is something that is completely unprecedented and very welcome in that it shows the growing sensitivity and responsibility of the masses towards injustice done to Hindu Holy Saints in particular.

Saints are the very pillar of our society and it is therefore necessary that they be protected from baseless, insensitive and dramatic accusations hurled at their direction. Over decades such atrocities against saints have continued and time and again it takes a special phenomenon to ensure justice, and considering what we have been seeing over the last few years is nothing less than an amazing feat of nature. Millions across the nation and beyond are pouring in their support either by being physically present at BapuJi’s hearings or by rooting for him on social media platforms. What is most amazing about this petition on Change.org, Twitter and Facebook is that among the supporters of cause are not just disciples but people from all walks of life and it is very necessary that everyone wakes up to truth and demand for it.

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