Boulder Personal Injury Attorney Helps with Premise Liability Cases

Boulder, Colorado (January 2, 2014) – Noted Boulder personal injury attorney Jennifer Chamberlain, Esquire is helping victims in premise liability cases by providing dedicated legal advice and representation. Bowman & Chamberlain, LLC helps personal injury victims get their rights recognized by fighting for the just compensation that they deserve.

Chamberlain assists people who feel they have been unjustly treated after an accident or those who have been involved in accidents that are the responsibility of another party. Such are slip and fall or premise liability cases where accidents occur because of the negligence of another entity, willful or not. The negligence of a property owner, for example, can cause dangerous conditions which may lead to an accident, injuring a person.

Slip and fall injuries vary but there are a number of cases which leads to disability, which is why victims should be given the right compensation to relieve them of financial burdens, at the least. Common causes of accidents are uneven floor surfaces, slippery surfaces, and broken steps which may lead to hospitalization. Chamberlain can help identify the nature of the property owner’s negligence to make them legally accountable for the aggrieved party’s condition.

Those who have been involved in slip and fall accidents and wish to seek legal advice may contact the personal injury lawyer in Boulder for a free, confidential consultation. Clients are assured they will be given the lawyer’s complete attention so details can be reviewed and proper legal options can be discussed. The goal of the firm is to ensure the victim gets the maximum compensation to make up for any inconvenience caused by the accident.

Along with partner Jerry Bowman, Esquire, Attorney Jennifer Chamberlain offers legal advice and assistance for victims of personal injury who are seeking for a settlement from insurance companies. While a lawyer is not actually required in these cases, hiring an attorney ensures victims that they get the proper compensation that is due.
@The attorneys at Bowman & Chamberlain fully understand the distress that personal injury victims are experiencing, which is why they are ready to manage every aspect of each case. To learn more about the practice, visit today.

About Bowman & Chamberlain, LLC

The practice offers legal consultation and assistance in various personal injury cases caused by various factors such as car accidents, dog bites, motorcycle collisions, and premise liability, among other cases. With their knowledge in various cases, the attorneys are committed to bring legal representation services that will help victims receive rightful compensation. Embedded data.

I graduated from Michigan State University College of Law in 2010. From there, I moved back to the great state of Colorado to open my own practice. I find the field of personal injury fascinating. Everyday is a new challenge. I enjoy coming to work every day because my efforts result in something positive for an individual who experienced something negative.

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