Appeal for justice gets louder, Media forced to notice change

NEW DELHI (9 JAN, 2014): The media on 6th Jan, 2014 was forced to take notice of the social movement on Twitter regarding the release of AsaramJi Bapu and reported it impartially.

The reports published by these media channels, were for the first time in many months, completely unbiased and true to the sentiments of people on Twitter and elsewhere. The need to highlight the ire and unity therein was for the first time felt by these media houses, which is a welcome change for million of common people who voiced their protests on Twitter.

This is indication of how remarkable the protests have been and what they have done to the perception of media and the public at large. Not too long ago, there was hardly anything that could prove that Indian media was interested in bringing the truth to light, everything that was published smacked undeniably of bias against AsaramJi Bapu. Recently however with these reports the playing field has become much more levelled and fair for everybody to form a fair idea of the situation and not be impressed by the media’s coloured interpretations.

Notably these reports about campaign on Twitter appeared in newspapers in December and then again in January. The significance in both cases was certainly the change in perception of newspapers and also how people have come together from every nook and corner of the nation in their demand for justice of the Learned Saint and forced media houses to take cognizance of the matter and report it.

Notable representation of the Twitter incidence was reported in many newspapers, notably in:


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