Skedaddle Wildlife Can Help with Humane Mice Removal

SkedaddleWildlife helps you keep wildlife out of your home, and ensures the humane removal of any existing animals that are living inside it.

Ottawa, Ontario ( 28, 2013/ — Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, Canada’s largest wildlife control company, can help you with your mice problem via a humane, environment-friendly rodent control program.

Sometimes, even in the most sterile of environments, the occasional unwanted visitor will make its way into our home. But there’s really no need to get bent out of shape about this. As a means of survival, mice will attempt to move in with people, using your home and food supply as their own personal source of shelter and nourishment. Knowing how to deal with wildlife in a proper and humane manner will go a long way in educating yourself and preventing this from happening again.

There are many ways of dealing with wildlife, particularly mice, that don’t have to involve killing or maiming the animal. While traps and poison are commonly used to kill mice, they’re also inhumane and cause unnecessary suffering for the animal. When a mouse is trapped using a spring trap or glue, the result is often a slow and painful death, usually lasting hours before the mouse dies of dehydration or from its injuries. Leaving poison around the house, on the other hand, is not only inhumane but is dangerous for humans and harmful for the environment as well. Children and small pets are at risk around poison; they might mistake it for something else and unknowingly ingest it causing sickness or death.

The best defence is good offence. Mouse-proofing your home is your best bet in keeping them, and other wildlife, out. There are preventive measures you can do yourself. Keep food out of the open; make sure they’re stored in air-tight containers, the cupboards, or fridge. Close vents and seal holes larger than 1/4th of an inch. Use a combination of caulking compound and steel wool to seal potential entry points.

If the problem is more serious than one or two mice running around the house, Skedaddle’s humane rodent control has been proven effective in safely removing mice from one’s property. Skedaddle Wildlife ensures that one’s home and family are protected from any untoward incidents involving animals like rodents and other wildlife.

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Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control is Canada’s largest wildlife control company with the experience of over 200,000 wildlife removals and exclusions. Established in 1989, Skeddaddle features top of the line environmentally-friendly, poison-free animal/ pest control and cellulose installation. The company is licensed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ministry of the Environment, and the preferred choice of Humane Societies and SPCA for humane wildlife control and removal.

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