Sunlux Is Introducing A New Way Of Covering Up The Spaces Through The Wooden Loft Ladder


London, UK (January 7, 2014) – SunLux has provided a new look to your houses with the introduction of the wooden loft ladder. They have come up with new dimensions of covering up the extra spaces of a house.

In big houses and apartments, there can be a huge space that is not possibly covered by the people. So, the residents of the house usually try to find some shortcut to cover the space. The addition of terrace and the joining of the terrace to the floor remains a unique idea. Sunlux provides such loft ladders for the clients. The company provides the ladders of many types materials.

The executive of the company speaks, “We, at Sunlux, try to provide the best way to fill the excess space of the client. We also provide them with a design that will look good at the space of the client along with the material that would last for last”.

The companies wooden space stepping stools looks amazing going toward the recent uncovered space. Stunning hand carpentry and cleaned plans will make the portal into the new space look picture perfect. Picking a wooden space stepping stool is generally the most prevalent decision, and they can effortlessly be sliced or cut to any shape or size.

Aluminum step stool can also be used as an alternative to the wooden one for a different space and area. Ideal for youngsters’ rooms, aluminum could be painted with any color. The company superbly matches the style of the space region with an aluminum space stepping stool secured to the divider for simple access, or inclining toward the entrance for a snappy move into extravagance.

Lofts could be fun or for keeping useful things. They are the ideal spot to store all the occasional things, or to change into another concealed getaway. Entering these ranges ought not to be hazardous to the residents and the family.

The company has come up with many products that can be comfortable and beneficiary to the clients in different prospects. The products created by the company are Fakra LWK loft ladders and Optistep OLK loft ladders. Apart from these major productions, there are many more that the company is about to launch.

The customer care support of the company is great. They not only provide the products to the clients but also advice them on what type of ladders they may need. This increases the reliability of the customers and also helps them to understand properly that what is beneficial for them before exactly coming up with a conclusion.

About the company

Sunlux is basically a ladder making company that provides a unique solution to the clients with their best ever loft ladders. They have gained the reliability of the clients over a period of time due to their great products and great customer care support. The company can be reached at

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0208 310 0400

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