Led Tree Lights’ Knowledge to New Buyers & Its Relevant Products

China., January 06, 2014 — LED diodes are the most advanced lighting globes on the market. They help user save much of them electricity bills and last longer time than other lighting sources. They are environmentally friendly and incredibly efficient. LED tree lights are becoming more and more important in the holiday and normal- time decorations!!! They are ideal for any holiday user have and also will be great additions to Weddings, Hotels, Streets, Parks, Home Gardens etc…

Types of LED trees:
In recent markets, there are mainly LED cherry trees, LED willow trees, LED maple trees, LED fruit trees, LED pine trees, LED birch tree…in view of its different blossoms. In regards to its material difference, there are regular trunk LED trees and LED simulation trees. LED cherry trees and LED simulation trees are the most popular types.

Heights of LED trees:
Normally it arranges from 0.5m to 7.5m at your selection.

Colors of LED trees:
Single color and RGB color. For single colors–red/yellow/blue/orange/white/warm whit/purple/pink are available.

How to choose a high quality LED trees:
As there are many different vendors offering various quality grades in the market, it is important to choose the professional and right supplier! The most important components on a LED tree is as below:
1) LED beads
2) Wires
3) Trunks
4) Blossoms
5) Techniques

Hope the above information is helpful for every LED trees’ purchase! Should user have any other different opinions or suggestions, welcome to discuss with hollin lighting together!!!

Except LED trees, other LED decorative lights, i.e. LED string lights, LED motif lights, LED curtain lights, LED candles, Linsn led card are wonderful options for user decorations too! And different Led control card which used for they LED display are knowledgeable as well. In next chapter, Author will discuss these items in details.

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