UK Trades Training’s Cutting-Edge, Fast-Track Tiling Courses Help Students Jumpstart New Career


Whether you are looking for a full-time self-employed career, or adding a construction skill as a supplement to your current job earnings or doing your own chores around the house, UK Trades Training courses suit you down to the ground. With over 7 years of experience in NE Tiling Training, UK Trades Training has now established itself as a well-respected training centre.

UK Trades Training tiling courses are fast track, full on practical wall and floor tiling courses with a full background preparation and product knowledge manual to take away

The courses include: (1) 4 Day Wall and Floor Tiling Course (1 Week), which requires no prior tiling experience, gives students a full understanding of all the necessary topics: why things work and why they do not. This helps an individual immensely when he/she is running his/her own tiling business.

(2) 1 Day Natural Stone Course is a must if you want to put yourself ahead of the average ceramic tiler. Students will gain a full understanding of all the natural stone tiles, marble, slate, granite, porcelain, travertine, terracotta etc. You will be fixing slate tiles to the floor and marble to the walls in this course as well as drilling holes and cutting them with diamond tipped cutting tools, you will gain an understanding of all the appropriate sealers that go with these tiles as well.

(3) 9 Day Ready for Work Tiling Course (2 Weeks) includes all the information by the 4-day course and the natural stone course plus 4 extra days advanced wall and floor tiling training. The course covers masses of background and product info as well a lots of practical wall and floor tiling and dealing with real-life situations. This course gives students full knowledge of how to earn a living and become self-employed as a professional wall and floor tiler. Obviously, the course can give a jumpstart to a student’s new career.

(4) 13 Day Ultimate Tiling Course (3 Weeks), which too requires no prior tiling experience, covers all that the 9-day covers plus an extra 4 days to give you the best chance of success. This course includes a vast amount of practical/product and background information, putting students in as many real-life situations as they are expected to encounter. The course gives you the ultimate confidence necessary to tackle any challenges the customer throws at you. For more information about plastering courses please visit

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