Bachelor of Science Degree in Health and Fitness Helps Carve a Niche in Health/Fitness Industries


Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (January 1, 2013) – If you wish to carve a niche for yourself in the health/fitness and/or wellness industries, then joining Wexford University’s ‘Bachelor of Science Degree in Health and Fitness’ online program is a long stride forward

The BS degree prepares students for advanced degree study with meaningful educational experiences for careers in health, fitness, nutrition and human performance. The careers for this online degree program readies its students for include wellness consultant, health club administrator, corporate wellness director, fitness/wellness entrepreneur and other related fields.

Successful graduates of ‘Bachelor of Science Degree in Health and Fitness’ will have a broad understanding of the knowledge, skills and competencies that are quintessential to becoming an effective leader in the field of health science.

Students of this online BS degree advancing to a professional designation will find opportunities in a wide range of career choices including personal entrepreneurial ventures.

In general, earning ‘BS in Health and Fitness Degree’ with Wexford gives students the perfect foundation for a successful and rewarding career. No other degree program offers you the most directly applicable information for the widest range of jobs, careers or business ventures.

The objectives of the online BS program include: (1) Provide comprehensive understanding of the sciences currently applied in the field, such as biomechanics, nutrition, exercise physiology, advanced. program design and sports psychology; (2) Enable students to adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to enhance health, prevent disease and disability; (3) Help students develop the ability to address conditions related to hypokinetic illness, chronic disease states, special populations, or other health etiologies effectively; and (4) Help students develop analytical and critical thinking skills.

Wexford University has made both ‘tuition unit pricing’ and ‘tuition payment options’ for this online Bachelor of Science Degree in Health and Fitness program flexible in order to enable students to choose a plan/option according to their individual budget

In general, Wexford University’s Bachelor of Science Degree in Health and Fitness program is designed to give its students both a scholarly and practical education along with an integrative approach to health and fitness, well-being, and life-long success. As other courses, this online BS degree is chosen and revised with the students’ long-term best interests in mind. Further, the program guides the students through the known and emerging concepts in their field of study i.e. health and fitness.

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