Master of Arts Degree in Applied Sport and Fitness Psychology Offers Professional Edge


Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (January 1, 2013) – Do you know your expertise in sport and fitness psychology and mental training can get you a highly paid professional career in a fast growing, high-on-demand industry?

If you are interested in attaining such expertise, the good news that Wexford University offers an online ‘Masters Degree in Applied Sport and Fitness Psychology Degree’ that can equip you with practical experience in the field of sport psychology and mental training skills so that you are able to rise to the challenges of a full-fledged profession. However, this degree program is not intended to prepare a student for state or national licensing as a clinical psychologist or mental health professional.

Mental skills and psychological edge, such as focus, relaxation, anxiety-reduction, goal-setting and leadership-like calm, are what separate the top-class, consistent performers from the also-rans in sporting competitions. So, a large number of fitness enthusiasts and athletes seek the services of sport psychology experts and mental training coaches. Their expert advice helps them improve their mental/psychological aspects of sports competition and fitness training so that they can put up better on-the-field performances. Therefore, this industry of sport and fitness psychology/mental training is becoming increasing demanding and growing fast, generating huge employment opportunities.

In this context, Wexford’s online MS in Applied Sport and Fitness Psychology is not just the first big step but it also offers an obvious edge to all those who seek to siege the opportunity.

The MA program makes its students both educated and practically trained and experienced in the field of sport psychology and mental training. The graduates gets the opportunity to work with elite and professional athletes, assist youth and adolescents in performance-enhancement design and training, and transfer the skills acquired to the corporate world by engaging in executive coaching.

The objectives of MA in Applied Sport and Fitness Psychology program are: (1) To challenge graduate students to use critical thinking skills to enhance the performance and lives of their surrounding community; (2) Through this program, students gain competency by creating opportunities to assist others while working towards graduation and becoming an applied practitioner in the field of sport psychology.

About Wexford University:
Wexford University’s ‘tuition unit pricing’ and ‘tuition payment options’ for this online MA in Applied Sport and Fitness Psychology program are flexible so that students are able to choose a plan/option according to their individual budget

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