The Lord’s message in simple and inspiring language at the website of the Lord

Human life is among the best creations of God. He gave us this life to live peacefully and with love and sacrifice. There is no better teacher, philosopher or guide than the Lord himself. His guidance and teachings is known available to all his beloved children with the website of the Lord. This truly unique and one of its kind website is a wealth of knowledge and information about The Lord’s message that inspires us to lead a simple, happy and truthful life.

The website of the Lord with its rich text formatting and quality of varied content from diverse holy books has emerged one of the most trusted website among the followers of Jesus. The content of the website is designed beautifully in layman’s language and consists of divine commentaries from books like The Book of Daniel, The Book of Revelation and The Book of Ezekiel. For the complete knowledge and information about the Lord’s message it is very important to read the contents of the book “God Speaks of His Return” and “God speaks in His scroll”. The contents from these books are listed in 176 morsels in & categories and 165 scrolls in 11 categories respectively.

An online visit of this prophetic website can provide an easy access to the will of the God and can inspire one to lead an honest, truthful and virtuous life which is full of pleasure. Since its inception, the website of the Lord has received tremendous support from The Advent Charitable Trust which is a non-profit organization based in Hamilton, New Zealand. Small and big donations to this charitable trust can also be done through the website of the Lord. Besides the contents of the holy books, there are also inspirational songs, poems, phrases and parables available on the website.

A visit to the website helps people realize the fact that one’s destiny is in one’s own hand and they can shape their own future in their desired direction with freewill determination and self-awareness. And the best form of worship is by helping your friend in need and following the preaching and sermons of The Lord. The website of the Lord acts as a connecting link between the Lord and his beloved children, i.e. us. Lord’s messages are full of such divine thoughts that make us fearless and immune to all the attacks from the enemy of the man.

The website of the Lord offers a chance to religiously and spiritually connect to the All Mighty. Hence, ensure that you visit this website in your free time to enlighten your life with the Lord’s message. For complete information, log on to the website Also refer the website to your friends for a life changing experience. Embedded data.

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