Superior Solutions for Male Hip Liposuction in Manhattan Plastic Surgery Practice

Slimmer, well-toned hips are difficult to achieve with merely diet and workouts, especially when there are excessive fat deposits in the area. Park Avenue Smart Lipo™ is helping men achieve superior results quickly and safely by performing male hip liposuction in Manhattan, NYC.

The plastic surgeons at this established plastic surgery facility in NYC have an good track record in performing advanced cosmetic surgery procedures such as male hip liposuction. The liposuction procedure is performed to precisely target the region below the flanks toward the upper, outer area of the buttocks to result in a more proportionate, better-defined back side.

The reason why liposuction surgery is effective as well as safe at this plastic surgery practice is that it is performed employing Cynosure’s advanced SmartLipo Triplex technology. This workstation features a minimally invasive triple laser-enabled cannula that can easily and gently liquefy and aspirate stubborn fat. The technology also allows superior skin tightening, allowing the plastic surgeon to effectively contour the area

The surgical facility performing male hip liposuction in Manhattan offers many advantages:

>> Minimally invasive procedure
>> Only local anesthesia is employed
>> Gentle removal of fat
>> Effective contouring
>> Minimal complications
>> Only limited pain, and bruising
>> Quicker recovery
>> Superior follow-ups
>> Longer lasting outcome

As the procedure involves only small incisions, discomfort, bruising, pain and scarring are minimal.

A thorough physical exam is performed at the initial consultation to ensure the patient’s candidature. The surgeons also carefully evaluate every patient’s aesthetic aspirations to create a customized treatment plan. Once candidature is determined, the patient is informed of the risks and benefits of the procedure.

The male hip liposuction procedure at this Manhattan facility allows men to achieve an impressive physique and get back to normal routine within a few days time. Those who cannot travel to Manhattan can use the virtual consultation facility to learn more about the procedure prior to their personal consultation with the plastic surgeon.

About Park Avenue Smart Lipo

Park Avenue Smart Lipo™, an established plastic surgery facility located in New York City, is AAAASF (American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities) accredited. This Cynosure® certified facility was set up in 2008. To know more, visit the website

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