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BRICK, New Jersey (December 28, 2013) — Discover Chiropractic is involved in delivering quality chiropractic care with the help of a simple approach along with techniques that are effective to help one’s body function better and more efficiently. The chiropractor in brick nj is the very skilled Dr. Christopher Kawa. The chiropractic center believes that the practice is not just about treating neuro-musculoskeletal complaints that include back pain, headaches, joint pains, or neck pain, but also an operational way to help the body function in a much better way, by improving movement, alignment and nerve function. In today’s busy lives, stress has become a part of the everyday living, and at Discover Chiropractic, they endeavor to help their patients to take the stress off their nervous system.

The main services and techniques offered and used by Discover Chiropractic include:-

• Pro-Adjuster- An advanced computerized device to carry out chiropractic adjusting.

• Motion Palpation- A light pressure applied to the joint with fingertips.

• Diversified- Precise, gentle adjustment to free up stuck joints.

• Thompson- Thompson Terminal Point Technique reduces the extent of energy for spine adjustment.

• CBP- Clinical Biomechanics of Postures helps to produce improved postures, spinal alignment and restores spinal curves.

• ABC- Advanced Bio-structural Correction based on the fact that the body fixes itself to maintain alignment by the use of muscles.

Discover Chiropractic believes that healthy wellbeing is very essential, and to provide that to their patients who are suffering, their commitment is twofold that consists of relief care and wellness care. When people approach a chiropractic center they are looking for relief, and that’s why at Discover Chiropractic, they take every step to relief the pain. Secondly, wellness helps the body to function optimally and the regular tune-ups helps to achieve that.

After browsing through the informative website of Discover Chiropractic, one can take an appointment. In the first visit, they listen and try to extract as much as information from the patient. The second visit reveals the reports and answers the questions. A regular visit is shorter, but essential at the same time.

About Us: Since 1992, Dr. Christopher Kawa has been providing advanced chiropractic care to the Ocean County community. Their main goal is to help every individual to live a stress-free life and carry out the various daily tasks without any kind of pain. Dr. Kawa has helped more than thousands of patients and strives to help many more even in the future.

Media Contact:

Discover Chiropractic

Name: Dr. Christopher Kawa


Location: 136 Drum Point Rd

Brick, NJ 08723

Phone: (732) 920-8844


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