How To Get Free Likes On Facebook Photo, Posts Or Pages Fast

You can get free Facebook likes… yes real fast Facebook likes within minutes for free. All you’ve to do is likes other’s pages and you’ll get instantly new likes.

How Does it works?

How it works is really simple.

Step-1 You like others pages and you get points for that.

Step-2 Other users like your pages and your points are deducted for the likes you’ve got.

Step-3 Like more and more pages Likes, Views, subscribers & following others and gets more likes within minutes

Actually Its work Like: Like 4 Like, Views 4 views, following for followers, finally Gives & takes.

Steps for “How to get free real Facebook likes fast within minutes”


First of all you’ve to register on and add your Facebook page link for which you need likes. (Down to this page there is a list of good websites to do that).


You’ve added your Facebook URL and now all you’ve to do is going to ‘like others page’ page and like other user’s pages.


Set your CPC (Cost per click). In fact it is cost per like. It is the points given to users who like your page.


See your points increasing and check you Facebook page likes increasing as well.


Now Gain points by liking, viewing, following other user’s pages. You can not only gain points by just liking, but also you can gain points by sharing, following other users posts and pages. You can also earn points by visiting websites and doing stuff on other social websites e.g. Twitter.


The good news here is: You can not only increase you Facebook likes but also increase

1. Free Facebook shares, Photo likes, followings

2. Free Google+1 plus one

3. Free Instagram Followers & likes

4. free twitter followers, Tweets

5. free YouTube views, Subscribe, Likes,

6. Free Pinterest Followers, Repins

7. Free StumbleUpon followers

8. Free Website Hits/traffic/visitors

9. Free Soundcloud followers

10. Free LinkedIn shares

Now you’re thinking where you can do this all. Here it is.

Websites for “How to get free real Facebook likes fast within minutes”

There are many website that provide this facility but to prevent you from confusion and scams, here the top website that provide this facility. Also I mentioned:



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