Not Your Typical Cruise Vacation “If You Are Going On Cruise – Why Not Make It a Healthy One”

Imagine a one week cruise vacation where you have the opportunity to explore exciting worldwide travel destinations that would facilitate and motivate participants on the path to healthy living. Discover the natural wonders of Alaska, the pristine beauty of the Caribbean Sea, or European history and heritage. There are daily guided walks through breathtaking mountains & glaciers, white sand beaches, and ancient cities; yoga classes; resistance, functional and core training; wellness seminars & instruction; nutritious meals; and of course, full body massages.

But what happens when you finish your vacation and head home? Do those lost pounds come creeping back? Do the hamburgers, fries and soda reappear? Does the snooze button take precedence over a morning workout?

Not if this wellness travel program happens to be a Fitness Interest Travel / Fitness Cruise tour.

Developed with a team of nutritionists, health and fitness experts, physicians, wellness center specialists and travel experts, FIT Tours / Cruising is unlike other wellness programs in that it strives to motivate and educate participants to develop positive lifestyle habits—habits that lead to a more fulfilled life while exploring some of the world’s most exotic and popular travel destinations.

“We don’t want participants coming to a FIT Tour / Cruise for a week of rejuvenation, education and detoxification, only to return home and resume their bad habits,” says David Lawrence, director. “Instead, our goal is to provide a vacation where participants get to explore a piece of the world and also learn and live the meaning of health through exciting and challenging physical activities, stress reduction, education, and controlled nutrition in a group atmosphere of peace, tranquility and support. The end result is a newer, stronger and healthier individual.” We truly believe in the power and wonder of travel, an experience that takes people out of their everyday lives, placing them in new and exciting surroundings without distractions, promoting open-mindedness and creating the perfect environment to learn, grow and renew.

This education begins before the tour / cruise even starts and continues long after the week is over through its “Life Before and Life After FIT”. To prepare participants for the program, FIT health coaches conduct a general evaluation and suggest a fitness and nutrition plan geared specifically to the individual in order to ready them to get the most out of the tour program.

After participants return home, they are not left on their own. Instead, they are actively supported by FIT’s health coaches for an additional month of weekly nutritional analysis and information, exercise programs and healthy tips.

In addition, FIT offers specialty weeks designed specifically for the active senior and for individuals looking for a more intensive and rigorous program. Special custom group programs can also be designed for corporate retreats, health institutes & organizations, sport teams or other special groups.

FIT Tours / Cruising currently run cruise programs to Alaska and Europe. Tours in development include the Caribbean, Canada & New England and South Pacific.

Fitness Interest Travel / Fitness Cruising was developed by David Lawrence, who grew tired of watching his aging parents become weak, unhealthy, and unhappy. “Like most of us, they love to travel, so why not include a health component that can make a difference. Exercise, good nutrition and a positive state of mind can add years to your life,” says Lawrence. “If you allow people to experience how good healthy living feels in an atmosphere free of one’s everyday distractions and supply them with the tools to maintain this feeling, they can change the course of their lives for the rest of their lives.”

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