Continuing Online Education and Certification in Kinesiology for Health, Fitness & Wellness Professionals Now Offered By Wexford University

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (December 21, 2013) – Bodies should be fit and healthy. Body movements become perfect if the health is in the right state. For the people who are interested to know how the human body moves and makes the actions, Wexford University has brought the continuing education as well as a Certificate of Advanced Achievement in Kinesiology for Health, Fitness and Wellness Professionals. In this personal training continuing education course the knowledge is imparted on the study of the bones, muscles, joints and movements.

Kinesiology for Health, Fitness and Wellness Professionals welcomes all enthusiasts and for more details and the information visit

“We all know that human body is very interesting and this course is offered for those who want to unveil the amazing parts of the human body science. With this course offered by the Wexford University on can make a deep delve on the science of the human body. The course offers the latest study on the movement of the human muscles groups”, said Jack Bauerle, Chancellor of Wexford University. “We take pride in offering the various , online education courses like online fitness career education courses at Wexford University that goes with complement to different education field and career interests” he added.

The Certificate of Advanced Achievement in Kinesiology for Health, Wellness and Fitness Professionals also imparts the knowledge on the physiological and the mechanical theories and the principles on the human body movements. This must be of great interests of the anatomists, physical therapists, nurses, massage therapists, strength and conditioning specialists, physical educators and other health related professionals. The online fitness business education and the online nutrition classes are extremely beneficial for the working professionals of these fields.

It is our belief that more you gain knowledge on the human body movements, more you will be able to help the other people to become more stronger, more efficient and more comfortable. This is what The Certificate of Advanced Achievement in Kinesiology for Health, Wellness and Fitness offers to all” Bauerle commented. “The more interesting part is that we offer the online education service to make the process of gaining knowledge flexible and reasonable. We put our focus on giving the students convenient and helpful learning opportunities.”

Every online continuing education courses offered in the Wexford University can be accessible for 10 weeks.

About Wexford University

Wexford University is a reputed university achieved a name in providing the world class education by the mode of advanced technology. Giving the direct online application degree programs and the online education opportunity in an enhanced form, the university has shown the path of saving money and time. The education programs included are Fitness Training, bachelor’s degree in Health and Fitness, master’s degree in Nutrition and Exercise as well as master’s degree and doctorate degree in Applied Sport Psychology. Wexford University is the higher education section of the NESTA(National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association). For more details, please visit


Wexford University

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

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