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Santa Barbara, CA (December 20, 2013) – Lance Katcher, owner of EntiteeArt developed what the phsyciatrist calls immediate drawing. His hands move by themselves. He can draw more modest and speedier than humanly conceivable with unbelievable detail and with both hands at the same time.

He says, “The shapes and patterns are amazing. The art work I draw with these spirits whom I do talk and snicker with is a cross between Salvador Dali, Miro, Jackson Pollack, Klee, Picasso and numerous more abstract artists.”

At age 5 Lance started his profession in the nourishment business in his granddad’s Deli in Long Island. From that point forward he has committed his entire life to mastering the specialty of cooking and satisfying the beds of his supporters.

As per Rocky Mountain News, “Katcher, an excellent patron of Abstract Art, has worked for quite some time in kitchens all around the nation and wherever he’s gone, drummed up some excitement. Maybe it is his relentless vigor or his decision of the fresher parts or the way he preps nourished for a long time at the same time, in general, consuming from his Surrealism is a wonder.”

At the age of 17 he moved into New York City to head off to the school of Hard Knocks at the height of Novell Cuisine. He worked at a percentage of the most superb restaurants and the most excellent Chefs on the planet. At that point under their tutelage, Lance refined his Fine Art plans. By the age 24, he started to make his style and food.

LA Daily News comments, “It’s about dependably stuffed loaded with abundant, boisterous cafes, clearly reveling in gourmet specialist Lance Katcher’s full extend of admission. He’s the star of the sustenance indicates. A movie screen over the bar gives you a chance to watch the hyper Katcher rotates, throwing, whipping, blending and spooning in his excited kitchen.”

The scope of menu concocted by Lance Katcher is astonishing. There’s a perpetual cluster of new fish in whatever sauce you pick and treats that are far above what you may hope to find at costs as low as sweet candy. Lance came to be reputed to be a standout amongst the most innovative adolescent crooks in the city. Here are only a couple of selections from a portion of the energizing minutes all around his profession. For more information please visit http://entiteeart.net

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