Free Drug Search Portal Enables Consumers to Quickly Compare Drug Prices from Licensed Canadian Pharmacies

For the last 7 years has been helping U.S. citizens safely compare drug prices from licensed online pharmacies in the United States and Canada – saving thousands of dollars for their site visitors in need.

The website is the best way for U.S. citizens to reduce the costs of the prescription drugs by enabling them to find and buy from the most affordable and reputable U.S. and Canadian pharmacies. Nearly all name brand prescription drugs that are available in the United States also are available from pharmacies in Canada. But Canadian law puts price controls on medications, making them much more affordable from Canadian sources.

“The current cost of prescription drugs in the United States is way too high for many people to afford,” said Cary Byrd, president, “We are giving consumers the tool they need to save potentially thousands of dollars on the cost of their medications by buying from the most affordable and reputable pharmacies in the United States and Canada.”

The site helps consumers to take advantage of federal regulations allowing people to purchase up to 90 days worth of prescription drugs from Canadian sources and save an average of 87 percent. A 90-day supply of many types of name brand drugs could cost more than $1,000 less in Canada than in the United States due to Canada’s price control laws for medications. And U.S. law allows people to order refills every 90 days from pharmacies in Canada. helps people to conduct Canadian pharmacy reviews and compare prices for prescription drugs against the costs for the same medications in the United States. Once they find a reputable source in Canada or the United States, they can order their prescription medications and save a great deal of money.

Finding the best rates on prescription drugs will increase in importance as the new federal health care law takes full effect. The law requires all health insurance policies to provide coverage for prescriptions, but the health care plans do not have to offer coverage for more than one drug in each classification as determined by federal health care guidelines. And the policies can charge exorbitant deductible amounts to obtain prescription medication a doctor deems necessary for good health.

The best way to ensure the best deal is found on prescription drugs is to find reputable pharmacies online, compare costs and determine which one is the best source. Buying from Canadian sources is simple to do and legal. And the potential savings could amount to several thousand dollars.


Based in San Antonio, is a free shopping comparison engine for U.S. consumers seeking safe access to affordable medications from licensed Canadian and other international pharmacies. president and founder Cary Byrd is an impassioned advocate for reform of U.S. prescription-drug law. For more information, visit the company’s Web site at or its blog at Embedded data.

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