Positive Changes Give New Reasons to Visit Legendary Clarksdale, Mississippi.

Clarksdale, MS
Located in a region that is known as much for its economic depression as for its rich cultural heritage, Clarksdale, Mississippi is experiencing a revitalization in its historic downtown. Twin development projects, the High Cotton Condos and The Haberdashery Lofts are attaining twin goals: historic preservation and economic development.

It is an idea in action that proves inspired individuals can create meaningful change even in the face of a bleak economy and it could make this small town an interesting model for others seeking positive economic change.

With both projects located in the heart of the downtown area, these properties are providing a new degree of luxury and comfort that has been largely unavailable to Delta travelers — until now. In the past, visitors to the town did not have the option of high-end accommodations, only the typical small-town motel. And it is this missing element that is providing the key to creating economic turnaround.

The new High Cotton Condos and Haberdashery Lofts are fully furnished and fully serviced apartments that feature upscale, sophisticated decor and a huge number of modern touches. Each of the properties has created its own unique and distinctive feel that takes advantage of their historic settings while also providing comfort and convenience for their guests. The High Cotton Condos is set within the walls of the old Clarksdale Cotton Exchange and the Haberdashery Lofts is upstairs in the historic Shankerman’s building.

Visitors to Clarksdale are both surprised and delighted to find such contemporary luxury in such a small town. The owners of the properties have worked tirelessly to fill their units with every modern comfort. Features such as king-size beds, large screen smart tvs, fully-equipped kitchens and large living/entertaining areas are the high points of these units. Additional amenities include club chairs, entertainment centers, dining service for six, coffee makers, full-size appliances including refrigerators, stoves, washers and dryers. Wi-fi is also included throughout both properties.

With both properties recently finished and open for reservations, excitement is growing throughout downtown. Henry “Win” Winogrond, owner of High Cotton Condos, says, “We are absolutely thrilled with the way that these units turned out. I’ve been coming to Clarksdale for years and fell in love with the town and the culture a long time ago. Our goal with these properties was to create an environment that was filled with so many features that visitors would stay here longer and fall in love with Clarksdale and this area the way that I did and will be
anxious to return.”

Not only are the town and its visitors benefiting from the redevelopment, but investors as well.

This business model has proven to be so successful that rehabilitation is on the rise in the Clarksdale’s downtown area. With financial returns as high as 13%, investors are not only securing their own future but that of the town as well.

About High Cotton Condos and The Haberdashery Lofts
Celebrated as the birthplace of the Blues and as well as childhood home of famed author Tennessee Williams, Clarksdale Mississippi has long attracted travelers seeking to immerse themselves in the rich artistic culture that can be felt throughout the area. The primary goal for both High Cotton Condos and The Haberdashery Lofts is to encourage Clarksdale visitors to return again and again by providing the quintessential experience in Southern hospitality. Visit the developments at http://highcottoncondos.com and http://thehaberdasherylofts.com or call 800-247-1060

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