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PR professional online saves money and time (Press Release) - Thursday, December 19th, 2013

The own company in a stronger position through sustainable strategies whenever you have crisis and thereby protect market share

While some still cling towards the financial crisis being a root of all the evil and seek leaders in politics and business, however, others speak clearly differentiated by way of a global structural change. Brands like Opel or source than traditional companies fail because of their own size and immobility – rather than least because of the consumption of “new media” is carried out half-heartedly. It is actually estimated that you have still a large proportion of businesses that can make use of terms for example link popularity, search engine marketing and on-line PR nothing or almost no to start. The minds about Web 2.0 and Website Marketing sound blurred and indistinct, concurrently there exists great fear to spend their own money into strategies that measurability is just not evident. Therefore, many decision makers remain rigid in classic approaches and thus prevent often a long-term development in the Internet world.

“I think we have been referring to 70-80% from the companies do not perceive the options of online PR,” says Frank-Michael Preuss, owner in the editorial offices for image text in Hanover (http://www.fmpreuss. de) “, although it is an important part of the media mix for the future. Who seems to be already well positioned over the web, saving money and time, as he is already regarding his presence ensures market advantage, that may catch the advancing simply with considerable effort. Often overlooked will be the long-term nature of the targeted public relations online, because the contents have beyond mere information beyond a long half-life, and in this way are far better than traditional media. ”

In fact currently there exists a trend in sight, of the PR-Agentur moves for cost reasons, the focus of far-sighted decision to postpone your capacity to purchase in the advertising world in the direction of modern media, because there is achieved with relatively affordable sustainable. This is certainly after all the advantage of any crisis or crisis-ridden time: first come, first served. As well as the magic word positioning thereby gains once new meaning.

Your benefits:

- Targeted image building and maintenance

- Increased awareness inside the media

- Long-term and improved visibility on the net

- More clicks on your site

- Generated more customer inquiries

- Best Keywords

- Excellent positions on Google

- High ranking and good link popularity

- High Domain Authority


Redaktionsburo fur Bild & Text

Frank-Michael Preuss

Mendelssohnstrasse 7 – 30173 Hannover

fon: 0511 4716-37 – fax: 0511 4716-38

mobil : 0177 5040064

The Editorial Office of Image & Text acquires strategic thought and employ scheduled press and public relations in all on the internet and print media. Including writing press announcements, researching and writing PR texts and journal articles, in addition to advising on appropriate media and the making of an appropriate press distribution. The main objective is on contemporary cross-techniques and extensive, nationwide press distribution in the classical and the online media and strategic online PR and social media tactics branching. All components increase the degree of awareness and confidence in services and products. Regular press announcements in news archives and social media attempting to strengthen the Authority in the target website (assuming it is always the same side) regarding the topic. Frank-Michael Preuss also works as being a coach and then in knowledge management for entrepreneurs.

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