Exotic Hand Made Caribbean Jams and Spreads delivered to your door Through Bacchanal-Delectables.co.uk

Bcchanal Delectables is a Mother and Daughter team that started making Caribbean home made “Pepper” Spreads in Grand Cayman. Grand Cayman is one of the three Cayman Islands which are a British Overseas Territory in the Western Caribbean Sea.

Our use of the name “Bacchanal” is a tribute to the culture of the Caribbean people and their long standing traditions of Carnival and revelry and their unique music and dance.

We made “Pepper” Spreads in Grand Cayman. Peppers are used in the Caribbean to enhance flavour or spice up native dishes at home or any festivity. The most common pepper used is the Scotch Bonnet which is extremely “Hot”.

We chose to offer more than a pepper sauce or jelly and to make our spreads more palatable and enjoyable. We have used Habanero or Garden Salsa Chiles in addition to seasonal fruits, sweet bell peppers and a variety of spices. We have Wide variety of flavours, fresh ingredients. Loving made and packaged in the UK

Our Products are Luxury Jams, Alcohol – Free, Hot Jams, Gifts, Christmas Products, Mild Jams, chilli jams, savoury jams, mango chutney, cranberry, cran-apple, habenero pepper jam, persimmon jam, Caribbean jams, Grand Cayman.

You can register yourself on our site or you can contact us and one of our representatives who are more than happy to help you with the best prices. If you Buy any 2 full-size jars and receive a free trial-size jam.
We are running sale on Mango & Roasted Chili Jam , Tamarind & Habanero Jam , Cran-Apple Jam with Champagne , Papaya & Roasted Chili Jam and many more .. its time to start shopping at http://www.bacchanal-delectables.co.uk/

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Address: 189 Laleham Road London SE6 2AE.
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Phone Number 07852 701997
Website: http://www.bacchanal-delectables.co.uk/

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