Track your Favourite Shows

Now the whole world is on internet and everyone is using the social media sites for interacting with each other. Through these sites one can easily known about their friends or even make new friends, you can also see their recent updates and activities.
So we also thought to take advantage of this facility and make something which can be used to track the favourite TV shows of yours and you can easily get a notification about the broadcasting of them. We tried our best and came up with an idea, here we are connected to all the social networking sites and we keep on updating the latest news about the new shows on TV. You will be getting updates about the timings of the new shows on TV so may while working also you will be having a reminder about the time at which you have to be free in case you are looking forward to watch the show.
Even you can use the site updates during your work timing or even while using facebook, twitter, google+ or any other socially active website. You can get the updates about the air date and time of the show and can share with your friends too and can make plans accordingly. By having such a tool at your side which will be notifying about the new shows on TV, you will never miss any of your favourite TV shows and can enjoy them. Embedded data.

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