Kenneth Care Home- The only place promising to take care of all social, emotional and health care needs of elderly people with acute illness

There are times when an older person cannot manage to live independently usually due to some acute illness resulting in frailty, disability, dementia or a combination of these. In such a case, it becomes somehow impossible for a family or an individual to give appropriate care and attention to that person primarily sometimes due to hectic schedules and other times because of feeling ignorant and helpless. In such situations, people look for good care homes or nursing homes where the elder family member can get the best care in the most professional and personalized manner.

The primary role of such care homes involves long-term care with many other roles like rehabilitation after acute illness and sedative care. While choosing a nursing home for your dear elder one you must make sure to locate one where their health and social care needs are not ignored. Also, if you do not want them away from you, then it is ideal to go for day care services in which you can receive a variety of essential medical treatments, ranging from monitoring diabetes to providing physical therapy in the comfort of your own homes. All the thanks to advancement in technology that all of these services can be delivered safely, effectively and efficiently by qualified nurses.

Kenneth Care Home, founded in 2013 by Dr Kenneth Tan aims to provide 24 hour stay-in nursing home and daycare services to the elderly people in Sarawak. They specialize in providing professional care to patients who are bedridden or wheelchair bound and stroke or coma patients requiring tube feeding. Your commitment towards your job or studies or other responsibilities might not make it possible for you and your family to give that extra attention and special care, therefore at Kenneth, they ensure to provide professional nursing care in a home like care home environment.

Kenneth care home is perfect for elderly who desires a place which they can call home with a sense of belonging. With its few branches in Kuching, each branch ensure that every resident receives more privacy, space, attention and detailed care by skilled nurses. In other words, you can be assured to get the best possible care in a clean, tidy, hygienic and fully air-conditioned atmosphere. The varied services that they offer include 24 hour home care, physiotherapy, emergency ambulance service, care for bedridden, wheelchair bound, patient with stroke who requires tube feeding, wound dressing, suctioning, urinary catheter, oxygen therapy, monitoring blood pressure and blood sugar level.

In case of emergencies, they have on call doctor and ambulance services to nearby Sarawak General Hospital. Besides, their centers are well furnished with entertainment systems such as Astro, Wi-Fi and the conventional board games. Also, monthly outings to park, beach, and wildlife center are available to ensure an engaging and speedy recovering in a relaxing environment. They provide a comprehensive range of therapies that help recover patient’s speech, physical, occupational and recreational abilities. Conclusively, Kenneth Care Home promises to take best care of your dear ageing family members by providing personal and compassionate care. Visit to know more about their nursing home and day care services & time slots! Embedded data.

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