Creating Your personal Dead Sea Salt Scrubs

The Dead Sea could be the saltiest physique of water on earth, using a salt content material of about 30 percent. This really is around 10 occasions greater than that of regular sea water. Simply because of this unique composition plus a higher concentration of minerals, dead sea salts have quite a few positive aspects for the skin. A dead sea salt scrub can hydrate, exfoliate and even clear psoriasis.

Extremely valuable for men and women with dry skin, Dead Sea salt has been clinically verified to moisturize the skin and strengthen moisture retention. Research published in the International Journal of Dermatology over the final decade confirm that men and women who bathe in the salts frequently practical experience marked improvement in skin dryness, redness and inflammation, too as an practically total clearing of psoriasis symptoms.

Various skin care products use the healing energy of Dead Sea salts, even though you’ll be able to very easily and inexpensively build your personal scrubs at property. After the initial use, you are going to practical experience silky, smooth and hydrated skin that lasts for days or even longer, depending around the original situation of your skin. Men and women with chronically dry skin may perhaps demand weekly or twice weekly applications, even though men and women with regular skin can expertise the positive aspects from the salts by utilizing a scrub once or twice per month.

To create your very own dead sea salt body scrub, you are going to have to have to have your hands on some high-quality salts. Verify your nearby all-natural health store or order on the net, if necessary. If all else fails, you are able to usually acquire a pre-made product, though making your very own is normally extra rewarding.

Dead Sea Salt Scrub Recipe


1. cup Dead Sea salt

2. cup Olive oil, vegetable glycerin or coconut oil

ten drops essential oil (optional)


Combine all ingredients.

Apply straight to the skin using the fingertips, employing gentle circular motions.

Rinse clean following quite a few minutes.

Stick to by cleansing the skin with gentle soap, then applying moisturizer.

Recommendations for Creating and Applying Sea Salt Scrubs

If you would like to utilize important oil in your scrub, use one that compliments your skin form. Attempt applying lavender for normal skin, rosemary for dry skin or lemon for oily skin.

Only use sea salts on clean skin and never apply to broken, irritated or freshly-shaved skin, as this could trigger painful burning or additional irritation.

Usually comply with a sea salt physique scrub by cleansing and then moisturizing the skin. Although the salts will hydrate even the driest skin, applying lotion afterward aids lock within the moisture.

The recipe above yields adequate for 1 body treatment or a number of treatments for hands, feet or face. If you have any leftovers, just shop in an airtight container when not in use.

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