The most Experienced Regulatory Consultant Continues to Enjoy Reliability

Founded by Allison Vienings and her partners, MRA Regulatory Consultants initiated the glorious professional journey in 2003. Since then, the company has successfully provided consultations on assortment of regulatory issues. The primary ones among them include areas such as complementary medicines, cosmetics, foodstuffs, medical devices, orthodox/allopathic medicines, veterinary medicines, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification in South Africa, etc. Thus, MRA Regulatory Consultants has become the one stop solution provider for queries related to a number of regulatory issues.

It is appreciable that in an ambience of cutthroat competition, MRA Regulatory Consultants has become one-of-its-kind in providing highly tailor-made solutions. The expert advices that the company provides on various regulatory issues fit the requirements of clients of different profiles.

MRA Regulatory Consultants has acquired a pioneering position in a business where experience counts the most. Ten years of in-depth knowledge about South Africa and its regulatory environment work as added advantage for the company. This has made the company aware of the current and previous regulatory trends of South Africa, its medical situation, the need of pharma regulatory services, and other such issues. As a result, the company enjoys competitive edge in the industry today and caters to the variegated needs of a range of clients throughout South Africa.

MRA Regulatory Consultants has always kept client satisfaction ahead of everything. The simplistic design of the website and the easy to access and navigate options are the prominent evidences of the same. The company feels that every passing visitor has the right to be informed about latest updates, recent changes and rectifications in regulatory policies in order to become conscious consumers. Hence, the company provides the option of free subscription for receiving updates. The interactive website also provides latest news on issues like regulatory issues on veterinary medicines, project based training, biodiversity acts, etc.

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About MRA Regulatory Consultants
Established in 2003, MRA Regulatory Consultants have been in consultation service for years now. The field based extensive knowledge on Medicines Regulatory Affairs has helped the company in providing highly customized expert consultations. Ten years of exposure in the regulatory environment of South Africa has provided MRA Regulatory Consultants in-depth insight about the history of the country, prevailing trends, latest requirements and regulatory policies on allied issues that need to be implemented. The company takes pride in having an assortment of clientele who rely on MRA Regulatory Consultants as their most dependable corporate partner.

Contact Details:
381 Rossouw Street, Murrayfield
0184 Pretoria
Tel no: + 27 (0)12 803-1039 /-6223 /-5955
Fax no: + 27 (0)12 803-3575c Embedded data.

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