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United States of America, 7/12/2013: Care4teen is mainly concerned in providing valuable opinion and views of its author about the child monitoring software, Care4Teen. What separates this software from the rest is that it enables the user to work with other parents who share the same viewpoints on child protection. This feature is named ‘Care Groups’ where similar thinking parents can come together in putting a preventive measure on what should be viewed online. Care Groups are great since it offers fully personalized protection, gets adapted on a regular basis, the parties are highly involved with the entire procedure, etc.

List of other valuable features include logging of activity, online searches made, chat history, and the list of games played over the internet. All of this can be seen in real time, which is easily an added benefit. Not only that, the user can view the entire online activity from anywhere by getting himself connected through a browser. And last but not the least, the best part of the entire story is that the user can maintain a ‘Black List’, enabling him/ her to restrict their children from visiting a particular website.

Cyber- bullying is a common thing these days and parents all over are losing their sleeping tackling it and other related problems (viewing offensive content or engaging themselves in inappropriate chat/ instant messaging). The positive aspects of the software include the ability to act with like- minded parents, getting free parental service by redeeming reward points, easy installation process, and the user- friendly nature.

But there are certain areas within the software where the author likes to have some work done. He is not that much impressed with the customer support, along with the demo embedded in the website and lastly, the subscription based cost.

The list of essential features include monitoring the calls, SMSs, applications used, list of visited websites, filtering websites, blocking applications and games, blocking porn sites, reporting videos, social activity reporting, application process tracking, interactive summary and time management.

The best thing about this software is that it’s just a cakewalk to get oneself started. The user is required to register by visiting the software’s official website before downloading and installing the software on their computer. With 4 simple steps, the parental controls can be set up easily as well. Firstly, care groups unite like- minded parents in one singular platform. Then they are required to join their preferred group. The user along with other members creates the safe filters together. And lastly, the child is protected fully with the chosen filters. This approach to filtering and monitoring content is really unique and is advantageous when compared with other “popular” service providers.

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