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By Russell J Walker

Chicago, Illinois (December 7, 2013) – Investing on the best property according to you has been easier through us at We are one of the top most real estate groups in Chicago that find you homes of your dreams including Chicago wholesale properties. They have a list of Chicago investment properties enlisted on their website. If you like any one of those or more, do not hesitate to contact us at any moment. We have a group of professional sales staff who are always available and ready to help you. Their specialty includes finding real estate homes and other investment deals so that you can save enough time during a hectic schedule. We sell homes, with a big discount for all cash either through mortgage payments or through owner financing.

You can join our business VIP list quite easily. There is no additional cost to join our VIP buyer’s list. Buy them houses as soon as they are available. There is a list of wholesale properties through which they have a list of city and state. We have different sections, including properties, buyer’s list and the VIP buyer’s list. When you click on the properties, you will find a number of properties listed. Each has their own address, the city and the state they are located at and type of house it is. It also shows the price of the house and how old the house is along with the price. Homes can be found at various different cities including the Chicago area in the Illinois.

If you are not sure what to purchase, use our faqs for details and queries answered. You should also talk to your real estate agent to do the work of finding a condo or a house for you. If have enough time in your hands, there is known to be less errors in making an adjustment. You can find the house that is best for you and that suits you budget. If you would be interested in buying a house through us, you can call us on the number provided on the website or alternatively email us too. Leave a voicemail or fax us. The email is known to be the best way of communicating since we make quicker replies to our clients.

Access our VIP list. It’s free of charge. If you would like to purchase an investment property, we are here to help you out. Just fill up the contact form for quotes, prices and availability of homes. For more infrmation please visit



Russell J Walker

Chicago, IL

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