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USA – OGG is a well-known audio compression format that is made available to users free of cost, as unpatented and open software. This file is designed to deliver efficient manipulation and streaming of digital multimedia of high quality. This popular sound format has been used widely by a number of users from across the world.

Convert Audio Free has developed an audio application named Free OGG Converter, which converts all OGG audio files into some of the most popular file formats like Free Lossless Audio Codec or FLAC, AAC, M4a, WMA, WAV and Mp3. Complex settings such as Bitrate, Channel, Sample Rate, encoder Type and others are not present in the Free OGG Converter. The conversion of files is said to be carried out on the basis of input file settings, and therefore users do not require any professional knowledge.

The website says, “The speed of conversion is really fast, also the application is extremely easy to use; just select input file and press Convert button and there you go, the converted file will be saved in the same directory as input file.”

Free OGG Converter is said to be compatible with operating systems like Windows Server 2008, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2003 and Windows 7. The available version of this application is The 10.9 MB file-size Free OGG Converter can be easily downloaded from the website

Specifications, features, characteristics, reviews and other details of OGG Converter are also made available to potential customers, so that they will gain an insight into the quality of this application.

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Convert Audio Free aims at developing various user-friendly audio conversion tools. This firm is planning to launch four other applications in the immediate future. Most of the conversion tools offered by Convert Audio Free are available to users free of cost.

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