LaFleur de Beauté Offers Specialty Massage in Syracuse, NY

Syracuse, New York (November 23, 2013) – LaFleur de Beauté is offering their hot stone and bamboo fusion massage treatments for clients to de-stress from the demands of life. At any time, clients and other individuals can schedule a session with the company for either specialty massage in Syracuse, NY.

The hot stone massage is a popular form of specialty massage treatment. The massage uses smooth lava stones that have comfortable heat. Together with aromatherapy oils, these stones are placed at specific pressure points to relax the muscles and reduce stress for clients. The treatment may take up to 60 minutes to complete.

The bamboo fusion massage is a more recent kind of specialty massage. For this treatment, clients feel smooth bamboo sticks rolled onto the muscles of their arms, back, and legs. Deep, penetrating touch from the rolling of bamboo sticks aid in flushing toxins out of the muscles and restoring the well being of clients. They can expect the treatment to take 60 minutes for completion.

Taking time off for themselves enables people to relax from the stress of work or family. With the specialty massage treatments, individuals have options to pamper themselves and feel recharged after some time. People who have the treatments also enable their bodies to release toxins that have accumulated in their skin.

Aside from taking advantage of the massage treatments for themselves, individuals can offer them as unique gifts to their loved ones. LaFleur de Beauté also provides gift certificates for their treatments that people can purchase any time. Interested parties can start having their treatments, or buying gift certificates for those treatments, by visiting visit

About LaFleur de Beauté

As one of the most
renowned spas in Syracuse, NY , LaFleur de Beauté offers treatments for people who take time off. They provide treatments including a European deep cleansing facial, a sea mud body mask, and a hand and foot salvation. They have been serving the Syracuse area for 20 years. Embedded data.

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