IGSELL.COM Introduces Transaction Way In Guild Wars 2

In this passage, igsell.com will introduce the Auction house in Guild Wars 2. The game currency plays an important role in any MMOS, so does with GW2. It is necessary to know the transaction rules or market situation in the game. In Guild Wars 2, players can not trade GW2 gold or items with each other directly. The transaction must be finished in Trading Post (TP for short), it is also called Auction House. Every players need know how to use AH in GW2 or other games.

First, press the shortcut key O or clicking the lion icon at the upper left corner to enter in the Auction House. It will take a while to download the AH page. There are six columns in the AH. It includes gem shop, the exchange page from gem to guild wars 2 gold, transaction hall, the personal selling page, personal transaction record and bank.

All of the items in the gem shop are bought with gems. There are some common items, not have weapons or armors. On the consumable page, it mainly sells the consumables. Consortium Chest is used to open the skin.Cow Finisher is the tool used in PVP. And others includes dye pack, tournament ticket and so on.

On the service page, it mainly sells some service items. The first button on the left can summon the NPC to let you use bank which can last for five minutes. The second one can summon the NPC who will sell you items or something like that. The third one can summon the NPC in AH, the four is for the repairing items.

On the Boosts page, it sells all kinds of medicinal liquid including adding experience, Karma, MF and so on. On the right hand, it is the medicinal liquid for accelerating producing and PVP glory. On the minis page, there are lots of pets that will cost a bunch of GW2 gold. The ordinary players can not afford it.

The trading hall is the most popular place in the game. Players can buy any materials, weapons and armors here. As long as one has enough GW2 gold, he can buy enough materials to level the character to level80. Buy cheap GW2 gold on igsell.com. It will offer the secure and fast transaction.

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