Media Monitoring Service New York Company Expands Their Services

Omaha, Nebraska – Universal Information Services now offer their subscribers an expanded service to include Media Monitoring Service New York, Chicago, Denver, and others. With 24,000 hours of more than 250 Nationwide stations of monitoring per month, subscribers are getting a full packaged media monitoring service at no added cost.

Subscribers can take these expanded services by themselves or in with their other news tracking and media monitoring services. With their expanded radio services you even have the opportunity to hear how your story aired through their audio linking option. This enable you to verify your radio story. Universal Information Services can, in most cases, add obscure stations if necessary to suit your needs.

This century old business provides an unparalleled media monitoring service New York access to meet your needs, as well as, unparalleled access to one’s broadcast exposure. As one of the few companies that provide a complete media monitoring service and analysis for all areas of media, including internet, social, broadcast and print, they are heads above the rest.

Their expansion of service hasn’t affected their rates either, which are 30 – 60% less than their national competitors. They attribute this benefit for subscribers to their news data network service which harness different levels of the economy.

It’s important to have access to the right tools and the right people and wants to have you take a peek at just how they have the industries leading support and innovative tools to get the job done, and done beneficially.

About Universal Information Services, Inc.

Universal Information Services, Inc. was established in 1908 who started out as a news clipping company but over the last 100 years they’ve grown into one of the longest running monitoring companies in the world. It wasn’t until 1983, did they begin offering media broadcast monitoring services, and have kept evolving since.

Headquartered in the Midwest they’re able to coordinate from more than 40 affiliate production offices to ensure same day service to their clients throughout Canada and the United States. Since they’re located between time zones, they’re able to provide clients with a longer window for their workday.

As a provider of news monitoring, media analysis and research, they understand the needs of clients, as well as, remaining up to date with technology changes so they can meet those needs. By offering a wide range of media monitoring solutions that includes Broadcast, Print, Social, and Internet, they are able to provide businesses and individuals a customized account that’s right for you at a reasonable cost.

Universal Information Services, Inc. is a Veteran owned company and a designated small business that provides a large array of media monitoring services that includes media monitoring service New York options.

Universal Information Services, Inc. Contact Information

You can reach Universal through their service request form found on their website: or you can contact them via:

Universal Information Services, Inc.
1623 Farnam St., Ste. 600
Omaha, Nebraska 68102

Telephone: 800-408-3178
Email: Embedded data.

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