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From asparagus to sweet potatoes to a robust cabernet — every bite (or sip) of heart-healthy foods delivers a powerful dose of phytonutrients that prevent and repair damage to cells. This is truly the essence of preventing or even reversing heart disease / cardiovascular disease.

“There really is an abundance of fruits, vegetables and extracts in the Beat Juice formula that are so good for your heart,” says Iben Jurgen Hoff, RD, LD, MD a medical doctor & dietitian with extensive cardiology knowledge. “You can definitely reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease or even preventing it by drinking this juice every day.”

“Indeed, the synergistic formula in Beat Juice provides the cornerstone for a heart-healthy lifestyle because it helps wipe out free radicals in the bloodstream, therefore protecting the blood vessels themselves.”
It’s what Dr. Jurgen Hoff calls “the whole-health diet. You want everything to be in its natural form, as it comes from the ground, then combined synergistically and immediately juiced. The less processed the better,” he says.

“Their formula contains only whole fruits, vegetables and extracts of the highest and purist quality — offering all sorts of complex heart-protective phytonutrients.”

“Everyone’s looking for that one magic food, but heart-healthy is not only about oatmeal and omega-3 fats. You need to look for more efficient and powerful ways to get all the different nutrients. Plus, you’ll stick to a heart-healthy lifestyle longer if you have ease of a tasty beverage.” – http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00AI4R894


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