Most of foreign clients usually have high requirements of their renting apartments in Shanghai

Shanghai – Many employees from the professional Shanghai renting house agent should know that the requirement of foreigner to residence is normally very high because most of people from other countries are very critical for details. Some of them are very interesting. But, no matter what kinds of demand, the customer service from could fully meet the need of clients. Now, let people know some interesting renting case of this professional renting agent.

Last month, in order to help the German client look for a suitable renting apartment in Shanghai, MR Wang, who is the service manager of, has already lose much of his body weight. “Well, my client is really critical and carefully. He paid more attention to the details of house. Although there are many renting apartments in our hand, the suitable houses which could meet his requirements and within his budget are very little.¡± MR Wang said. However, after looked for dozen of the houses, this Germany client had finally found the old house for rent in Shanghai¡¯s Huangpu river. The renting fee is 10,000 RMB per month. However, this critical German boss was still not satisfied because the room had been installed with the single layer of glass. The client said that all the houses in Germany are double-glazed so as to save energy, warmth keeping and noise resistance. And then, MR Wang had helped this Germany client install the double layer of window glass. At last, this Germany client is very satisfied.

The other case is about one young client from Milan. The name of this client is Mano. Due to he is only a student and does not have more money, the manager from had helped him find a cheap old Apartment in Shanghai. This client did not adapt to the traditional curtain of this house and the manager from had helped this client replace the original curtains with thick ground curtains. May be the psychological effect had given people more burden because he always think that the normal curtain could not help to keep the room¡¯s heat.

In Shanghai, the largest number of foreigners should be the Japanese. According to the data from Shanghai apartment for rent professional Shanghai house renting agent, their rental requirements for Shanghai house renting is also very interesting. Most of Japanese prefer to have bath for each day and the room only have shower but without bathtub is absolutely not comfortable for Japanese. In addition, in order to save space, Chinese people usually put safety shower above the bath which also make the Japanese feel uncomfortable. Japanese¡¯s bathroom is relatively large and the shower and tub are usually separated. The majority of Japanese must first wash the body with a shower before they enter into the bath.

In summary, no matter what kinds of requirements, the professional Shanghai house renting agent could try their best to meeting them.


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