Quality Strapping Offers Polypropylene Strapping Solutions

Brooklyn, New York (November 23, 2013) – Quality Strapping, Inc. is offering their polypropylene strapping solutions for hand grade, machine grade, and Signode® Equivalent applications.

The company’s hand grade strapping, called Quickstrap, is a great option to use over nylon and steel strapping. Aside from being more economical, Quickstrap can contain setting and shrinking loads as well as grow with expanding loads. Since it can be secured using wire buckles or tightened with manual tools, it enables users to save time and labor costs.

The machine grade strapping called Qualistrap, is an ideal solution for individuals and businesses that use polystrapping. Qualistrap has varying degrees of thickness and tensile strength for use in a variety of machine applications. Its unique strength and stretch capabilities enable the material to withstand automatic and semi-automatic strapping machines.

The Signode® Equivalent polypropylene strapping is designed for protective packaging systems of the trademark brand. It bears the same material as Signode® strapping while being more economical than the latter. Operators of Signode® strapping machines can use the polypropylene alternative from Quality Strapping that is guaranteed to work.

All three strapping solutions come in different measurements based on the customers’ needs. Strapping can be ordered in any of the three solutions with varying break strength, core size, feet per coil, and widths. Although all strapping solutions have standard packaging in 24, 28, or 32 cartons, bulk and custom packaging are also available.

Interested businesses can learn more about Quality Strapping and their offerings by visiting www.QualityStrapping.com. The company also offers competitive pricing and fast shipping of their products in the areas they serve.

About Quality Strapping, Inc.

Quality Strapping, Inc. is one of the most renowned strapping manufacturers in New York and other areas. Since 1995, the company has been supplying a wide array of strapping solutions including cord, polyester, and printed. They also provide plastic and steel strapping kits and tools that have passed through a strict quality control program.

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