Los Angeles Parking Lot Sweeper Company Offers Discounts on Rentals

La Verne, California (November 19, 2013) — Total Clean Equipment, a renowned distributor and lender of cleaning equipment serving Southern California and Nevada, is offering discounts for first-time clients looking to rent scrubbers or sweepers. Those who are looking for commercial or industrial cleaning equipment like a http://totalcleanequip.com/products/parking-lot-sweepers-los-angeles/, San Diego, or Las Vegas facilities may contact the company.

Parties who rent a floor scrubber or industrial sweeper for the first time will be given 10% off the rental fee. Total Clean Equipment understands that it is not always practical for businesses to own a complete set of equipment that they might not use regularly. This is why the company has 40 sweepers and floor scrubbers in stock to meet their clientele’s short and long-term rental needs. Whether clients require the equipment for one-time use or frequently throughout a whole year, Total Clean Equipment can help.

Clients needing a floor scrubber in San Diego, Las Vegas, or Los Angeles can be assured of receiving top-performing equipment from the company. Not only does the company offer the latest available models, they also ensure that these are well-maintained so clients will not encounter any problems when using them.

Whether the renter is handling the scrubber or sweeper for the first time, or is experienced in operating such tools, the rental equipment should prove easy to use. For the clients’ convenience, the company also provides training for operators so that cleaning tasks can be performed smoothly.

Visit www.TotalCleanEquip.com today for more details.

About Total Cleaning Equipment

The company has over 40 years of experience in the cleaning industry. Committed to being the best rental company in the region, Total Cleaning Equipment strives to provide the perfect cleaning solutions for cement plants, construction sites, warehouses, and commercial spaces, as well as many other commercial and industrial applications.

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