Kung Pao Chicken – Gourmet Chinese Stir Fry Recipe

Kung Pao Chicken – Gourmet Chinese Stir Fry RecipeKung Pao chicken is not only popular in China but has changed to a world cuisine. The dish was believed invented by a Chinese named Ding Baozhen in the late Ching dynasty of China.Sichuan is a province at the western region of China. His title was called Kung Pao, which mean the guard at the palace in Chinese.The dish was named after his title Kung Pao in honor of Ding.It is a spicy dish that rich in flavor of ginger, chili and spring onion. The strong fragrant of the chilli can be noticed in spite of far away from the kitchen, and the volatile oil and spices can even make you sneeze if you cook!The original Kung Pao chicken from Sichuan province of central-western China is spicy, notably as a result of usage of Sichuan peppercorn as the integral ingredient.The chicken is diced into small cube and mixed with a prepared marinade normally with a little Shao Xing wine.The chili and Sichuan peppercorn are flashed fried with oil to let the aromatic flavor imbue in the oil. The chicken breast meat is then stir fried together with spring onions, ginger. The result is a dish packed with aromatic, spicy flavor and numbing feeling in the mouth. It is a dish that is best to be eaten with white rice and some cooling vegetables.There are a number of explanations why Kung Pao chicken is so popular in the western countries.First, westerners generally prefer chicken breast meat over chicken thighs / drumsticks.Stir Fry Recipe is one of the few Chinese chicken dishes that cooked with whole boneless breast meat instead of the whole chicken thigh. Therefore, it is much easier to be accepted amongst the western people. In contrary, the Chinese prefers chicken thigh as it is juicier and tasty. The Chinese cannot understand why breast meat is more pricey than chicken thigh in the western countries. Secondly, stir fry dishes of meat coated with thick and starchy sauces are the most recognizable Chinese cooking style in the western world.Stir-fried Chinese food with thick gravy is widely served in the Chinese restaurants in the western countries.The westernized form of Kung Pao chicken is less spicier than the Sichuan version.Diced marinated chicken meat is used to cooked with hot oil in a wok until light brown.Bell pepper, chestnuts and carrots are among the vegetables used in American Kung Pao chicken. Hoisin sauce, a common ingredient among the American Chinese restaurants is also as part of the ingredients. Cashew nuts are used instead of groundnuts. Sichuan peppercorn was once unavailable in America, and the local chefs has to make changes depending on the available ingredients to cater to the need of the locals.In summary, the Amercan version is less spicy, minus the numbing feeling and the inclusion of some local vegetables. The authentic version just uses ginger, onion and scallion and does not include any other vegetables apart from chicken breast meat.

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