Offers Affordable Bulk SMS Advertising as an Exceptional Tool for Business Promotion

Mumbai, India, 08th November 2013 – In these days of mobile technology dominance; no entrepreneur or developer can afford to ignore the power of bulk SMS.

Small message service or SMS has become the new trend of life for many. It also provides an exceptional avenue for reaching out to millions of potential customers whom the business concerns cannot normally hope to reach through traditional advertising methods.

At we not only offer most qualitative SMS advertising but also ensure that the use of bulk SMS gateway is to the best benefit for our valued clients. It does not matter whether the client enterprise is large or small, multinational or local; we only offer the best services commensurate with our motto of customer satisfaction.

When you opt for our services; you will not only get the best at the cheapest but we will make your experience of working with us even more memorable with excellent offers. An example is our offer of the month which says “Buy 1 Lac Promotional Bulk SMS @ 10,000 Rs. and get 25,000 SMS Free. Buy 1 Lac Transactional Bulk SMS @ 12,000 Rs. and get 25,000 SMS Free. Send Unlimited Bulk EMails with our dedicated server plans starting from 5000 Rs per Month.”

“In our pursuit of making the mobile advertising for promoting your business most effective we also partner with one of the largest VAS players in the Indian telecom market. It helps us to provide bulk SMS services to clients across the country. In addition; all SMS services are provided by us at the most competitive prices as we do not believe in bleeding our clients financially white. We never make any pretensions but provide the services we offer when you opt for them. What you get is what you see and what we promise you” – quotes a Senior Manager from

Not only our bulk SMS services one of the cheapest in the market but they are also extremely stable in nature. All the results you derive with our services are durable and the result will always end up positively for you. While we will use the SMS gateway as the backend of the messaging system the front end could be a website, dedicated server or any such thing depending on the specific requirements of your business. In the process we offer some amazing services for our clients. These include promotional bulk SMS service, transactional SMS service, as well as unlimited bulk SMS services.

While the bulk SMS services provided by us are suitable for all clients accustomed in sending bulk SMS irrespective of types, the transactional bulks SMS that comes with unlimited sender ID as well as round the clock support from our highly accomplished support team is ideal for Schools, Classes, Share Brokers, Financial Institutions, Government Institutions, Insurance Companies and Banks.

Similarly, our dedicated email server contains three IP addresses for clients and it will help you dispense with any eventualities of your IP address getting black listed due to bulk SMS advertising.

If you still have some questions about our SMS services, you can contact us on 09987527372 or at 09702475295. To get our free demo on use of bulk SMS you can visit Try us and you will thank yourself for taking one of the most prudent decisions relating to your business.

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303, Annpurna Building
SK Bole Road, Dadar West,
Mumbai 400028
Maharashtra, India
Telephone No: – 8080123145
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