The Secret Any Beer Lover Must know

If you like beer you are going to love this!

One critical aspect of enjoying a delicious beer is to drink it cold.

However, in certain situations that can be a challenge, especially during the summer time, on humid environments or when performing outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, etc.

It is with great enthusiasm that we have just launched the most advanced solution for beer lovers.

Easy & Cool: The best beer mugs!

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Easy and Cool are advanced generation beer mugs. They can keep your beer cold for up to 15 hours. This provides you with great flexibility and comfort to have you beer cold when you want it while you perform your favorite activity.

This amazing temperature retention is achieved thanks to several features. One is that they are manufactured with a double stainless-steel shield that delivers great insulation.

These beer mugs are also pressurized by a vacuum and anti-spill system, great for outdoors and indoor use. You can use it outdoors because nothing comes in or out of the mug without pressing a button. Therefore you can use it in the beach, river, lake, etc; sink it inside the water and your beer will stay intact and cold.

When used indoors, this anti-spill system will protect your furniture, documents, electronic devices, etc; by preventing accidental spills. The double stainless-steel shield also prevents external sweat by condensation, which can also damage paperwork and more. This was a frequent problem with conventional beer mugs, beer glasses, bottles, etc. Not an issue with Easy and Cool.

This mechanism makes the mug somehow child proof. Your kid won’t be able to drink your beer unless they press the button.

The lid has been designed with a double infusion of TRP, which improves the insulation properties of the beer mug and contributes to have a better grasp.

Easy & Cool beer mugs float on the water even when fully loaded. This is great if you are fishing on a boat, kayaking, hanging out in the beach, etc; because if you drop it by accident you can recover it.

If you were using other mugs or bottles, you would just lose them and your precious beer with it.

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They are also looking for resellers as their product is quite new.

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