, an online magazine for women, crosses the milestone of 2000 fans., which is an online magazine for Indian women, now has an online community of more than 2000 fans. Its steadily increasing online community of women shows that the message of this website strikes a chord with modern Indian women. This website for Indian women was launched with the purpose of empowering women by offering insights, information and inspiration.

Over the years, there has been a significant transformation in the roles and responsibilities of Indian women. While there are far more opportunities and avenues of growth available to women today, they also face numerous challenges and dilemmas.

The modern woman has to balance multiple roles and responsibilities both at home and at work. She has to manage the household budget, save money when shopping, ensure that she always has a kitty for emergencies, strike the right balance between her personal and work life, excel at workplace, explore new career growth avenues,ensure stress management and time management, pursue self-development, survive and thrive in today’s cut-throat competitive workplace and the list goes on. aims to offer insights and inspiration to help the modern Indian women manage various women issues and more. Posts are published under a number of women-centered categories including Everyday Life, Work Life, Money Wise and Positive Living. Apart from these categories, also gives women entrepreneurs an opportunity to get themselves and their businesses featured on this online magazine. By sharing their experiences, they can be a source of inspiration for other aspiring women.

Readers can easily check out the articles on this site. They can also get the posts straight in their e-mail box by subscribing to the email newsletter. In addition to reading and gaining insights, readers can also participate in discussions by commenting on posts. They can get answers to their queries and they themselves can post suggestions for others and their own tested success mantras.


Founder-Editor: Gaori Agrawal
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