The Delray Center Offers the Innovative Treatment for Addiction and Mental Health

Located in Delray Beach, the Delray Center is an upscale outpatient treatment Florida campus and inpatient drug rehab center. Not only does the Delray Center offer outpatient detox programs for addictions to heroin, methadone and prescription drugs, individuals can sign up for eating disorder treatment Delray Beach services and treatment for mental health problems, such as anxiety disorders and bipolar disorders. The staff at the Delray Center is comprised of caring and certified healthcare professionals who are dedicated to helping those with drug addiction problems and mental health problems.

At this south Florida detox center, addicts can go through the detoxification process in a safe medical setting. Whether you need to detox from alcohol, methadone, heroin or any other drug, the trained medical staff will ensure that the process is safe and comfortable. Outpatient alcohol detox and outpatient detox for any drug can present with both physical dangers and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. It’s not uncommon to experience nausea, chills, vomiting, spasms and psychological problems during detox. At the Delray Center, patients are closely monitored and given the appropriate medications to assist with the detoxification. The drug rehab program at the Delray Center is designed to make patients as comfortable as possible. Instead of focusing on the withdrawal symptoms, patients can focus on recovery.

The eating disorder treatment Delray Beach services at this facility implement the Iris Eating Disorder Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP). It’s one of the most effective programs in the world. The program includes intensive psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, guided meditation, therapeutic vitamin and amino acid therapy, advanced psychopharmacology for dual diagnosis and family support meetings.

The Delray Center is also one of the most modern drug rehab centers in south Florida. This Outpatient Addiction Treatment Delray Beach center offers comfortable rooms, equine-assisted therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, couples drug rehab therapy, yoga classes, harmonial biofeedback and a fitness training center. As an Outpatient Detox Delray facility, it focuses on a holistic approach to healing and is one of the most progressive drug rehab centers in south Florida.

Whether you undergo pain pill detox, suboxone detox south Florida treatment or receive help for mental disorders, the multidisciplinary team of physicians and therapists at the Delray Center offer a broad range of expertise and implement the most effective treatment methods. Their highly trained therapists go beyond standard therapies and offer individual psychotherapy. Therapeutic modalities include Gestalt, cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic and existential. The therapists will customize a plan based on the individual for the best outpatient addiction treatment.

The Delray Center is one of the most respected outpatient detox West Palm Beach facilities. It is well-known for its integrative medical model that uses both complementary medicine and western medicine to treat the individual as a whole. There’s never a one-size-fits-all solution for mental health issues and addiction problems. At the Delray Center, treatment plans are individualized and done in collaboration with clients and clinicians. If you’re suffering from a mental health issue or drug addiction, the Delray Center is there to help. You’ll find a great community atmosphere on campus and be treated by professionals who are committed to your recovery. Embedded data.

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