ZEC S.p.A. Produces Superior Quality Abrasive Discs for Hand Grinding Machines

Established in 1958, Italian company ZEC S.p.A. Is pleased to announce that they are one of the top businesses specializing in the production of abrasive discs for hand grinding machines. Their superior quality plastic, flexible and semi-flexible discs are distributed globally to some of the largest commercial businesses.

Abrasive discs, such as plastic discs, are typically used in grinding equipment by companies specializing in surface preparation. The discs are used to remove ceramics, plastics and even paint. They can sand, polish, and clean different industrial materials, including concrete and metal. These plastic discs are typically included in machinery used by workers to manufacture or repair tanks, wind turbine blades, boats and other products.

ZEC plastic heavy duty discs are the perfect solution to be used in tools for surface preparation. Their discs will quickly and easily remove materials such as rust marks, paint, mastic and mud from all kinds of surfaces. When compared to their competition, their discs are leaps and bounds above the rest. The unique backing pad allows the disc to be firm yet still flexible. They give the operator excellent control and surface coverage; leaving a smooth and beautifully flat surface area.

Another common use for ZEC discs is for concrete preparation. Their Silicon Carbide discs are excellent for achieving the perfect look with precast and pre-stressed concrete. The discs are well known for providing faster and much cooler grinding than their competition, thereby increasing production and saving the company a ton of time.

Those who are in the business of metal know that ZEC discs are often used to quickly grind and refinish surfaces using ZEC’s fiber and plastic backings. With its superior performance, these discs will no doubt save a company on time and cost. They are excellent for using on decks, boats and ship walls – basically anywhere there is a flat metal surface. The unique design of ZEC’s plastic discs allows the grinding equipment to cut with cooler temperatures and speed up the process by increasing the chip clearance. ZEC discs are highly recommended for any situation where workers need to remove welds on a metal surface.

In addition to concrete and metal, ZEC’s silicon discs are commonly used on stone such as marble and granite. In fact, they have been used to create beveled edges for almost 50 years now. This is just one reason ZEC is a member of the Italian Association of Marble Furnishings Producers. Those who work with stone know that ZEC’s discs are known to get the job done properly.

Finally, ZEC’s discs can be used on composite materials. This includes everything from polymeric materials to the common fiberglass so many companies use. Because of its versatility and longevity, ZEC’s discs have quickly become a common element of many of the biggest brands of grinding machines. They continue to manufacture their products within compliance of the highest safety standards. Those who are interested in finding out more about the company and their disc solutions are invited to visit their website at http://www.zec.com/

For more information & to purchase the plastic discs used in grinding equipment, visit http://www.zec.com or contact me riccardo.filippone@3rdi-technology.com for more information.

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